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The role played by women in the Cuban Revolution

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The role played by women in the Cuban Revolution

The Cuban revolution entered the world arena in 1959 when a small group of guerrillas and urban insurrectionists overthrew the dictatorship of General Fulgencio Batista . Thereafter a series of economic and social reforms were launched which indicated that the goal of the revolution was nothing less than the creation of a new social . The main engine of this transformation was to be the state under the firm and charismatic command of its guerrilla hero , Fidel Castro . In 1961 Castro announced what was already [banner_entry_middle]

clear : this was a socialist revolution Within a very few years Cuban capitalism was destroyed , and its defenders had fled to Miami . The economic and political power of Cuban families was crushed , as was the power of the Catholic Church . A massive and unprecedented redistribution of wealth was begun . Cuba became one of the most egalitarian societies in the world . Each of these developments profoundly affected women ‘s lives . In this new atmosphere of change certain traditional perceptions of appropriate female behavior were challenged and many formal and informal restraints on women ‘s activities were cased . Fidel Castro described the changes that were taking place in women ‘s private and public lives as a revolution within the revolution (Arriagada 1998

The dramatic changes that occurred in Chile during the 1960s swept through every arena of society , spurring both revolution and reaction in the political system the Catholic Church schools and universities and families (Orans 1987 . Women responded to these changes in diverse ways Many middle- and upper-class housewives opposed leftist politics on the grounds that it threatened the family and the church , two of the main institutions of Chilean society and the two that most directly affected women ‘s lives . Women in the younger generation , especially students embraced the climate of radicalism and became active participants in leftist politics . Women ‘s involvement in the anti-Allende and anti-Pinochet movements can be traced to the way in which women were affected by a series of events that took place in the 1960s particularly the Cuban Revolution , Vatican II , the rise of the centrist PDC , and the student protests

In Chile , as in much of Latin America , the sixties really began on January 1 , 1959 , as Fidel Castro marched into Havana with his revolutionary army . The Cuban Revolution sent shockwaves around the world and fundamentally reconfigured the global political landscape . The success of an indigenous revolutionary regime prompted Castro ‘s supporters and opponents throughout the region to reevaluate the potential for revolution and shift their strategies accordingly Although Marxism had been an active political force in Latin America since well before the Russian Revolution , the Cuban Revolution ushered in a new political era . For the revolutionary left , this era was one of hope for the anticommunist right , it was one of fear . Castro ‘s success provided concrete evidence that the leftist goals of a socialized economy and autonomy from the United States were attainable in Latin America , but also strengthened… [banner_entry_footer]

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