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The Rosewood Casket by Sharyn McCrumb

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The Rosewood Casket by Sharyn McCrumb


The is concentrated around the discussion of the book ‘The Rosewood Casket ‘ by Sharyn McCrumb , which was published in 1996 . The main issue to be discussed in the will be the stewardship , the kinds of stewardship , which appear in the book in connection with the two specific characters – that of Clayt Stargill , one of the Randal Stargill ‘s four sons , who is supposed to be a positive steward , and Nora Bonesteel , who used to be Randal ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

sweetheart , and whose stewardship is supposed to be negative , but only at first sight , which will be discussed later

Discussion of stewardship

The kinds of stewardship addressed in the book , and related to the characters of Nora and Clayt , are the ones which touch land (Clayt ) and the box with the bones to be buried with Randal (Nora . The positive side of Clayt ‘s stewardship lays in the fact , that he wants to keep the land , which belonged to his father , in the family , not giving it to the developers , who come to Appalachia , hunting for it . The seriousness of the land stewardship ‘s question is seen through the actions of Dovey who wanted to shot a wealthy realtor Frank Whitscarver , but wounded the Sheriff instead . As Robert Lee has noticed ‘People around here are not sane on the subject of land . I get the feeling that Clayt would do the same thing , if it came to that (p . 340 ) Though it can hardly be said that Clayt would do the same thing . His main stewardship role was in trying to persuade the other family members in the necessity to keep the land .it is Stargill land . It ‘s our turn to say what becomes of it (p . 283 ) Another kind of stewardship , presented in the book , is the one related to Nora . On the one hand , she acts as a

woman , who wants to fulfill the wish of the dying person by asking the Stargill family members to bury a box with human bones together with Randal . On the other hand , the

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negative side of this stewardship is in the fact that no one knows , to whom these bones belong and Nora is reluctant in opening the truth ‘Farms can be dangerous to little folks , – says Nora as if to herself (p . 181 , but in fact this is the phrase which will later lead to a new discovery . However , this negativity is viewed only at the beginning of the story with the box , as in reality the bones belonged to Randal ‘s little sister , whose ghost was regularly visiting Nora in her house

Having read the story to the very end , it becomes clear , that in fact both kinds of stewardship are good . Clayt ‘s stewardship is good in trying to keep the land , which belongs to his family through finding a legal solution to the difficult situation… [banner_entry_footer]

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