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The Skull & Crossbones Squadron: Vf-17 in World War II by Lee Cook

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The Skull Crossbones Squadron : Vf-17 in World War II by Lee Cook

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Cooperation is needed for a company to succeed , this means that the participation of all individuals are needed . Not just the usual participation of members but a harmonious working environment . This would play a big factor in ensuring success . Success does not necessarily mean material gain it could also mean achievements or completion of a specific task given . The United States Naval Force is one organization of the government that helps in assuring security peace [banner_entry_middle]

and harmony within the country . They are our government ‘s tool

Making sure that the United States of America is safe from foreign invasion is one responsibility of the US Navy Force . It is their responsibility to work as team for the benefit of those needing their services . It is their responsibility to uphold the truth at all cost and abide the regulations imposed on them

Countries will not have its natural without the laws that govern each . This tries to give us rules on what to do and what is prohibited However , before this time when everything has been set with golden rules , there was a time when the only guns and ammunitions , not words are used to implement . This has been the era of great world wars This will be the time when the most important department of one country will be its military system . Each country tries to out win one another and thus blood was shed and some lives were wasted . Though some have had their glorious moment , some have shone in the time of war as they defend their country . One example of a military system that has made their mark in the history is the VF17 squadron of the United States of America


The book The Skull Crossbones Squadron ‘ written by Lee Cook is about the awarded fly fighters of America during World War II . Jolly Rogers is the nickname that they have given their Navy team . The Jolly Rogers squadron is one of the most awarded World War II fighters . In the book , it was documented how this American Navy team was feared by the Japanese . The Jolly Rogers squadron was so excellent in terms of their fighting abilities that the Japanese has termed them as wolves . This book is a chronicle of what happened during World War II from the perspective of a navy firefighter himself

Jolly Rogers ‘s official squadron name is VF17 . VF17 is one indispensable squadron in between 1943 and 1934 . The VF17 squadron was lead by Commander Tom Blackburn . At first , there were thirteen aces as members of the squadron . Afterwards , there were two more members that were added to the squadron and later became aces of another team after their terms in the VF17

This team has made their name a famous one when they have made a very impressive record of knocking down 154 Japanese war planes in just seventy six days… [banner_entry_footer]

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