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The Three-inch Golden Lotus

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The Three-inch Golden Lotus

P .1 The Three-inch Golden Lotus is a piece of Chinese

Literature written by Feng Jicai controversial for its depiction of

the cruel practice of Asian woman binding their feet . Binding one ‘s

feet involves the grotesque act of wrapping a three-to-five year olds

feet with bindings , so as to bend the toes under , breaking the bones

and forcing the front and back of the foot together . The purpose of

this procedure was to produce a tiny feet , the golden lotus which was

three inches long and [banner_entry_middle]

was thought to be sexually alluring . The

genesis of this practice is ambiguous , however brief texts have

revealed its beginning as early as the Han Dynasty (206B .C-A .D 220

The first documents referring to foot binding is from the

court Southern Tang dynasty in Nanjing (A .D .937-956 ) Dancing girls

entertaining the court were famous for their tiny feet and beautiful

bow shows . This practice then became the epitome of feminine beauty

in the imperial court spreading downward socially and around the world

as , according to some scholars as the lower classes latest thing

and imitated this new fashion of the elite

Zhu Xi (A .D . 1130-1200 ) is one notable person who had spread

the fashion of foot binding . His commentaries on the Confucian classics

would form the canon of Neo-Confucianism which will dominate Chinese

intellectual and philosophical life for six hundred years up to the

twentienth Century . The famed scholar and writer Lin Yutang , Zhu Xi was

a passionate advocator who introduced foot binding in Southern Fuji in

to spread Chinese culture and the proper relations between men

and woman . Chinese writer in the twelve and Thirteenth Centuries

mention the practice as normal . Friar Odoric of Porde , in the

The Three-inch Golden Lotus

Pg .2

early Fourteen Century , spent three years in China and informed that

little feet were the most beautiful , and therefore when girls were born

their feet were bonded so tightly they could not grow

To write a novel about foot binding requires , a certain

bravery for any author . This issue is so linked to what the Chinese

think as sexually appealing that it makes it uncomfortable to discuss

it seriously . To others it suggests the embarrassing barbaric , backward

practices of Chinese culture . Men , and not just Chinese men believe

that it is troubling as it suggests men find the act of gruesomely

crippling a women ‘s feet as sexually or seductively attractive and that

they are further capable of utilizing superior social status to make

woman conform to beauty that makes them deformed and is grotesque

Women look at foot binding as unsettling because it reveals mothers

crippling their daughters so that they can meet some ideal image of

what a man prefers

The Three-inch Golden Lotus incites , upsets , and horrifies

every reader who fall into at least one or more of these categories . It

is a bold novel further because it is similar to the scar literature of

the late 1970… [banner_entry_footer]

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