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The Inca and Aztec empires were both the largest , and most powerful civilizations in the America before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th century . Like any empire existed during human history Inca and Aztec empires had periods of creation , development , prosperity and fall Empire is like soap bubble – it grows , become larger , larger and then comes time when this bubble cannot grow bigger – it falls into pieces The European destroyed both of the civilizations , but before their downfall , these civilizations ruled [banner_entry_middle]

their areas , and established their own empires and ruled for a century . But conquerors were only the sting which pierced bubble become too vast and ponderous . To find causes of downfall of American empires on the eve of their encounter with Europeans we should examine their strengths and weaknesses , analyze them and make conclusions

Both of the Empires were created by the alliance of early natives in their regions , and then the alliances began domination throughout their areas and established their power . The two empires were alike in many general aspects , but they were also different in smaller more complex details . The Incas were the most civilized empire in what is now South America at the time of the Spanish conquest . Their empire was extensive covering the southern part of modern Ecuador , all of Peru , all of Bolivia , and the northern half of what is today Chile , and it spread out eastward as well . Cuzco was the center of their kingdom , the name meaning naval . Their language was quechua although since they had conquered many surrounding nations , it was not the only language spoken in the empire (Encarta 2004

The central god of the Incan religion was the Sun god , the only god that had temples built for him . The Sun god was the father of the royal family . There were many gods among the Incas , but the Sun god outshone them all . The Incas also believed that there was a heaven , a hell , and a resurrection of the body after death . The Incas had a very clear social structure . The ruler , Sapa Inca , and his wives , the Coyas , had supreme control over the empire . The High Priest and the Army Commander in Chief were next . Then came the Four Apus , the regional army commanders . Next came temple priests , architects , administrators and army generals . Next were artisans , musicians , army captains and accountants . At the bottom were sorcerers , farmers , herding families and conscripts (Hatle 2002

The 16th-century written accounts of the Incas do not provide a very complete understanding of the economic and political organization of their state . It is clear , however , that the principles of Inca economics and politics were taken from old Andean traditions and were very different from European ones . The Inca state was not under the absolute control of its ruler . It was an array of dozens , if not hundreds , of different political , ethnic , and even linguistic groups . Though politics and economics were not really… [banner_entry_footer]

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