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Theology: Modern day church`s view of suicide vs. islamic view of suicide

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Modern Day Church ‘s View of Suicide as Opposed to Islamic Views

Modern Day Church ‘s View of Suicide as Opposed to Islamic Views Introduction

Suicide , the foreknowledge that a person ‘s death will result from self caused actions , has reached epic proportions in recent decades . The World Health Organization states more people are dying from suicide than from all the armed conflicts around the world (Donnelly , 106 .This practice presents an ethical dilemma that is ultimately a matter of values and how they are reasoned . Religion provides a framework through which these [banner_entry_middle]

views can be expressed . It is especially important to understand the Christian and Islamic perspectives on suicide by tracing their primary texts and traditions The Biblical View of Suicide

As the primary text of Christianity , the Bible has a code of moral instructions , spanning from the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament to the Sermon on the Mount and the great commandments in the New Testament What gives moral values such as love and human dignity , and the commandment thou shalt not kill ‘ such compelling force is more than the forbidding of murder , even self-murder . These precepts reveal the obligation to demonstrate practical respect for the value of human life (Mahohel , 2 . Although there are several suicides mentioned in the Bible : Saul (1 Samuel .31 :4 Ahitophel (2 Samuel 17 :23 Zimri (1 Kings 16 :18 and Judas (Matthew 27 :5 , the Bible doesn ‘t specifically condemn suicides . However , it does condemn murder in the 6th commandment and that is what suicide is : self-murder . A Christian who commits suicide will not lose salvation and end up in hell because John 3 :16 demonstrates that a person is eternally secure . Romans 8 :38-39 says that no circumstance can block God ‘s love to Christians . Therefore , if no created thing can separate a Christian from God ‘s love , then a Christian who commits suicide is a created thing and not even suicide can prevent God ‘s love . Jesus died for all sin . If an authentic Christian were to commit that sin , Jesus died for it . Nevertheless , it is self-murder and constitutes a serious sin against God (Stewart br


Suicide in the Christian Tradition

The Christian tradition repects life . Although the early Church issued few official dictums against suicide , the prevalent viewheld that suicide was seen as murder and sometimes worse . In the 4th century Augustine was the first to make that prohibition absolute , denouncing it as a detestable and damnable wickedness (Stewart , 34 ) echoing the other church fathers such as Tertullian , Justin Cyprian , Clement of Alexandria , and Lactantius who all rejected suicide . John of Chryostom issued a statement that posited if it were base to destroy others , it was much worse to destroy oneself (Amundsen , 98 . Although Christian leaders praised martyrs who held onto their faith even unto death , they criticized those who rushed too eagerly to a martyr ‘s death . The goal of martyrdom was to remain faithful , not to intend one ‘s death (Ibid 109-111 .Aquinas… [banner_entry_footer]

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