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The Implications of Genetic Engineering

As the science of genetic engineering advances , it poses major ethical issues on which people are seriously divided . The argument in favor of proceeding with research at unrestrained pace is mainly advocated by scientists and medical experts who would like to see some fantastic therapeutic benefits that genetic engineering promises come to daylight On the other side of the debate are people , sometimes led by religious groups , who are concerned we may going too far too fast . Spinoza , the great seventeenth century philosopher and the author of [banner_entry_middle]

Ethics , said that There is no hope unmingled with fear , and no fear unmingled with hope ‘ Genetic engineering offers enormous hopes – mingled with highly frightening prospects . In the end , however , the reasons for fear seem to far outweigh the prospects of hope

Genetic engineering is the ability to alter organisms genetically for a variety of purposes , such as developing more disease-resistant fruits and vegetables , or eventually being able to alter embryos genetically so that the fetus and baby will be healthier . Used in reference to humans the term genetic engineering usually means genetic manipulation of the embryo (Testart 15 . It is hard to deny the enormous potential advantages of genetic engineering , at least speaking strictly from a utilitarian point of view . But the rapidity with which this science is progressing makes it difficult to assess its validity , and its dangers as well as its usefulness . Besides , it touches some very complicated issues that many find difficult to think about or agree upon . There is a growing sense , however , that with the possibilities that genetic engineering opens up , humanity is entering into very deep waters . We are sure to find some great treasures buried in these depths , and the ride that genetic engineering offers can prove to be the adventure of our lifetimes – at the same time we may find ourselves helplessly sinking . Genetic engineering could turn out to be the costliest misadventure in the history of humanity

Spinoza said , Freedom is absolutely necessary for the progress in science and the liberal arts ‘ Since the times of Renaissance , we have accepted freedom as the highest value , and progress as the greatest cause . But the controversial area of genetic engineering is creating the need for us all to think twice , to think again and again , before we move ahead into the territory of human genome . If scientific progress during the last few centuries led us from darkness to light , today we could about to witness that light turn into one of such dazzling brilliance that it may Genetic engineering makes it possible for us to correct some genetic defects in embryo , eliminating some very serious genetic diseases early on in the formation of a baby . However , there is a distinction between the therapeutic use of genetic intervention and the possibility that these interventions may be used to modify human characteristics beyond those that are needed to sustain or restore health . The possibility of their use to enhance certain human characteristics… [banner_entry_footer]

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