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Thomas Hobbes` Leviathan

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Absoluteness absence of resistance is what rationally belongs to the sovereign power . He does not argue that absoluteness would better make safe the power of government over the subjects . To a certain extent , the preeminence of government over individuals is achieved merely by the absence of resistance itself , as everyone had a right to all in the first place . The duty of obedience to the government only derives from the rejection of private judgment , and it is not the case that renunciation makes tighter duty which has its basis in something else [banner_entry_middle]

. A large insinuation of Hobbes ‘s message is this : one must grant that the power of government have to be absolute if one wants to escape the state of war

For Hobbes , the thought of mixed government , which claimed that the power of government must be divided , was a rational absurdity . Hobbes recognized the rise of the English Polybian theory of mixed government through the 1640s , and raised his hostility towards it accordingly . Thus far his hostility appears odd when we recall the meanings of the involved in the debate over that theory between 1642 and 1644 Nevertheless , they shared Hobbes ‘s concern . Their main fear , like his was not tyranny however anarchy . They deployed the Polybian idea in to try to end a civil war , not to moderate the king ‘s absolute power . Similar to Hobbes ‘s theory of sovereignty , the English Polybian mixed government was a theory for peace in the crisis of the civil war Together with Hobbes ‘s The Elements of Law , those writings marked the opening of the new age of the history of English political theory in the early 1640s

Hobbes appears to have thought that ‘mutual fear ‘ might produce a binding force even before the common power was formed , and that… [banner_entry_footer]

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