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To do list

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To-Do List

Chad Purcell

Academic Strategies CS113-17

Unit 3 Project : Make a To-Do List

Date 6-22-2006

Task 1-Highest Priority -Pay my cell phone bill . I need to pay it because my business relies on it and if I don ‘t then my customer base goes down

Task 2-Highest Priority- Pay my car payment . If I don ‘t pay my car payment then my car will be repossed , we all know how sneaky banks can be so I want to be safe and not sorry

Task 3-Highest Priority- I need [banner_entry_middle]

to pay my rent for my apartment , I don ‘t want my land lord to get the urge to evict me for not paying

Task 4-Important – I need to pay my gas bill as my utilties aren ‘t included in my rent . I need to pay this because this is what my stove and water is run on

Task 5-Important- I need to pay my electric bill . If I don ‘t then I ‘ll be living in the dark basically unless I want to use candles for light

Task 6-Important- I need to go grocery shopping . I am running a little low on some items


Task 7-Less Important – I need to pay my dry cleaning bill , I have to pay it because the dry cleaning store is holding some of my business attire

Task 8-Less Important- I need to go see my hair dresser , It seems like I ‘ve been putting off getting a hair cut for a long time

Task 9-Least Important- My car needs an oil change . However , I still have 1 ,000 miles left before its due so I ‘ll wait another week or two

Task 10-Least Important – I don ‘t need to party or attend any functions that revolve around drinking or any illegal activity . This is the least important thing for me to do

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