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Tourism Management (Principles and Practice)

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The Pyramids

Managing this tourist attraction

The Pyramids

Managing this tourist attraction

The pyramids of Egypt provide a major opportunity for the tourism industry , as they can be viewed and marketed in a number of different ways

Market perception of Pyramids

Tourism marketers have a number of different perspectives on the pyramid . Some see them as a focal point for a more general Egyptian tourist experience . Others still perceive the pyramid ‘s reputation as one of the seven wonders of the world , as a keystone for the development [banner_entry_middle]

of tourism in this area of the world . The limited perceptions of such operators view the pyramids as part of yet another package ‘ holiday

However , the more discerning marketer sees beyond this , viewing the pyramid as a way to provide their organisations with a unique product that will fulfil the needs of those who increasingly require a more remarkable holiday experience (T .V . Singh , 2005 . These operators will use the pyramids as a specialist tour focus in an effort to distance their product from the package industry

The pyramids as incentives

The pyramids offer an opportunity for the development of a more specialised tourism niche market attraction , capable of attracting a new market by capitalising upon their cultural , historical value , and uniqueness to increase the number of consumer bookings and their organisations market share

Marketed correctly , the pyramids can provide the motivation for a range of different interest groups . These can be as varied as the casual archaeologist , who wishes to understand more of the mechanics of these structures and their construction (Dietcsh and Stern 2002 , to the religious historian who seeks to discover the meaning behind these structures . For such people it is the marvel of the efforts , dedication and scientific skills that went into the construction or pyramids that provides them with a unique experience (Verner et .al . 2002 . To such travellers the price of the vacation becomes a secondary consideration

Promotional management of pyramids

As Pender and Sharply (2004 ) observed in their book , Tourism is an economic activity of immense global significance ‘ It is also one of the most rapidly expanding industries , both in terms of the demands made of it by the consumer , and the numbers or organizations endeavouring to achieve market share . An increasing number of modern tourists are demanding more from their vacations . They are seeking quality , interest and sensory engagement as vital ingredients . Therefore , in an effort to fulfil these requirements , the promotion and management of attractions such as the pyramids is of great importance

With the advance of globalisation and relative low cost of travel , the number of tourist attractions worldwide has increased significantly . To ensure that the pyramids compete successfully against this plethora of attractions , one must promote their individuality , rather than just their location . Indeed if the pyramids are to be profitably promoted they must be endowed with their own identity , separate from the location . In some areas this process is already occurring . For example the Ukraine is now utilising its own… [banner_entry_footer]

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