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Training Assessment

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Training Assessment

Any business needs an amount of risk and determination to succeed Business and companies exist within society and society prescribe behavior norm as to what is expected from this financial group (Reynolds ) Creating a balance between financial , environmental and societal growth is a difficult task but is very critical if one company would like to make sure that they are to stay for a long time in the market

Productivity within a team needs to be established for this is critical regarding the success of a company . Work related goals [banner_entry_middle]

must be set and let the employees be aware of these and how it could be achieved

A company lay down factors or guidelines for their services and manpower in for them to gauge if they met their goals or if there is a problem within and how to address it . There are factors that need to be considered when one company tries to check if its service and manpower are able to meet the goals and objective set . Each level of manpower has their own criteria in evaluating their work . Performance evaluation could not be an all uniform assessment because of the difference in workload and capacities of each profession . The criteria may be different but there could be similarity in the values that are being asked for any profession , it will just vary on the intensity that is being asked for each value used as a criterion . All results have their corresponding actions or appraisal depending on their needs as dictated by the result

Rewards and punishments play an important role in determining how an employee does his job . Management should let their team mates know about the rewards that they could get depending on their performances this could motivate them to work harder and improve . Punishments and discipline should be effective . One way of making sure that this is effective is being fair in giving punishments to those who have faults no favoritism in the part of the supervisor . This would make them feel that they are working in as a team and that they are responsible for their action and their teammates as well

An employee must be reinforced in doing the right thing at the right time . Management must determine on why there is that specific team and their role in the company must be made aware as for them to know how they would properly function . There are a lot of things that needs to be taught to ensure that productivity is being met by the team . Some of them are stages of team development – storming , forming , norming performing team roles – team leader , scribe , and process observer Consensus decision making is a critical skill that one needs to develop (Howardell , 2004

Employees ‘ benefits , like health benefits , should be given on time and in accordance with the law to make them feel that they are being taken cared of and that they are important beings for the company and not treated as… [banner_entry_footer]

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