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Transformational Leader Pro

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Transformational Leader Pro

One of the most debated , described and defined aspects of managerial competence , leadership continues to claim the attention of practitioners and theorists alike . Leadership , essentially a synthesis of arts reflects individual experience , understanding , values and capabilities interacting with situations where , realistically , there is rarely an ‘ideal ‘ solution . The recognition that transforming a business is something of an ‘heroic journey ‘ explicitly and implicitly acknowledges the key role of leadership in today ‘s world as a determinant of success in an organization ‘s change , progression and development . The quality of [banner_entry_middle]

that leadership is itself largely determined by the leader ‘s effectiveness as a coach and mentor who can grow the skills and confidence in others , necessary to shape tomorrow ‘s businesses organizations and successes . To develop leadership one must work at developing himself . The transformation of the self is central to the leadership development process . Meeting Peter was a very profound experience for me

I met Peter , CEO of a large healthcare management organization , a year ago . The CEO had recently been picked by the Chairman of the Board to head up the organization of approximately 20 ,000 employees . Everyone knew him , and it appeared that he was well-liked by employees and generally trusted . Peter is someone I always makes sure employees all know why they are part of the organization

The terms ‘charismatic ‘ and ‘transformational ‘ are used more or less interchangeably in much of the literature . Distilling a large literature on the ‘ transformational leader , the notion can be broadly captured by reference to six elements an heroic figure (usually with attributed past success stories a mystic in touch with higher truths a value-driven individual rather than one who is apparently purely self-serving someone who is perceived to ‘know the way an individual who has a vision of a more desirable and achievable future and finally someone thought to be capable of caring for and developing followers

All six points reflect attributes of personality and behavior of Peter Peter has an approach which aspires to significant organizational change through engaged and committed followers . It was John McGregor Burns (1978 ) who emphasized the meaning and significance of transformational leadership by contrasting it with transactional leadership (Orlikoff 2000 . This theme was picked up and elaborated by Bass (1990 . According to Bass , transformational leadership has four components individualized consideration (the leader is alert to the needs of followers and also takes care to develop them intellectual stimulation (the leader encourages followers to think in creative ways and to propose innovative ideas inspirational motivation (energizing followers to achieve extraordinary things idealized influence (offers followers a role model

The core of Peter ‘s model is cantered on the concept of developing oneself to develop others . Specifically , as Peter matures and gains moral perspective , he invests more time and energy in promoting the development of others versus satisfying his own needs . As Avolio and Yammarino (2002 ) note , through the accumulation of developmental experiences the moral structure of an individual can be enhanced providing sufficient structure… [banner_entry_footer]

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