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Transportation is among the most basic factor for a place such as a rural area in becoming an industrialized city . As one of the most important key in both social and economic development , transportation as well as its development is closely given attention to by both technologists and economists

This is the reason why urban development had been naturally connected with the advancement of means of transportation . In these present times transportation systems are highly developed designed to support the growing population of each place in the world [banner_entry_middle]

. Along with this , it is also quite certain that the economic growth of a city or even a country would depend on the advancement of the systematic placement of transportation in that certain place

True , even history would attest to the fact that several countries which are now far more advanced and economically stabled are known to have effective and comprehensive transport system . When the issue of transportation is being talked about , it is not just the cars or other types of vehicles are involved . It also includes the roads and the accessibility of places to accept the said mediums of transportation to reach certain routes of travel

Since the talk on economy is closely related to the advancement of transportation , it might as well be better to tackle the economic value of the said factor of urbanization

Economy and Transportation

The twentieth century of rigid advancement in the human civilization paved way to having technological evolution which includes the existence of transport systems which allowed long travels as well as mass transfers . Buses , trains and other more mass moving vehicles were developed to allow journeying for both economic and other more reasons of transfer

Although in full swing of advancement , there has still been proven a scarce supply of transportation since there are still countries around the world , especially those that belong with the third world countries who could not afford to attain advanced types of transportation even though the population that their country holds needs the said transportation services so much

Although the resources in making transport systems such as metals are could still be considered abundant these days , it is still quite obvious that through the coming years , the said resources could become scarce as well . This is why transportation developments are not fully stretched towards the far reaches of the earth

Also in accordance with this fact is the formulation of transportation alternatives set to support the growing population in place of transport systems today . Among which are the implementation of basic transportations used during the earlier years such as the traditional train as well as the use of bicycles for transport . In Japan , although it has already been a part of their culture , bicycles make a very effective mode of transportation especially for reducing the risks brought to health because of air pollution

These alternatives were not simply formulated or have been opted to be of more effective use . There are reasons behind this said… [banner_entry_footer]

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