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Trashing The Plant by Dixy Lee Ray

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Book Review : Trashing the Planet by Dixy Lee Ray

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Book Review : Trashing the Planet by Dixy Lee Ray

In Trashing the Planet , Dixy Lee Ray marshals the evidence of knowledge to perforate the fragile hot air balloons of the global warming , ozone reduction , and acid rain theorists . With scientific facts and sound philosophy she also demolished the nonsensical arguments behind the hysterical crusades against pesticides , alar , dioxin , PCBs , radon asbestos , and nuclear power [banner_entry_middle]

. Few of us have escaped the green propaganda onslaught unscathed virtually everyone has been victimized with needless worries over alleged dangers lurking in the most common and benign substances in our homes , workplaces , and neighborhoods . Few of us have the academic background , the access to the scientific data , and the time to investigate the validity of the continuous outpouring of environmental doomsday scenarios

Ray covers a wide range of environmental s , including acid rain the greenhouse effect , ozone depletion , pesticides , etc . She attempts to use available scientific data to “clarify environmental issues , to separate facts from factoids , to unmask the doom-crying opponents of all progress , and to re-establish a sense of reason and balance with respect to the environment and modern technology (Merline , 14 ) In the course of this exercise , several interesting facts are presented , among them (Merline , 2001

The amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth has decreased since 1974 , contrary to what one would expect if the earth ‘s protective ozone layer (which filters out most of the sun ‘s ultraviolet rays ) has been depleted from the use of chlorofluorocarbons

Several known carcinogens , such as arsenic , cadmium , and chromium , are found naturally in human cells . As Ray argues “it is the dose–the size or amount of exposure [to carcinogens]–that is important (Lee Ray pg . 58

In addition , 11 of the radiation we are exposed to comes from our own bodies . A sources , including radon , cosmic rays , elements in the earth , etc . The remaining 18 comes from man-made sources such as medical X-rays (11 nuclear medicine (4 , consumer products (3 . All other sources including nuclear power , account for less than 1 of our exposure to radiation (Lee Ray , 1991

Concerning radon gas , Ray notes that energy conservation as urged by the U .S . government will approximately double the number of cancer deaths due to exposure to radon gas , because “sealing up a home for the purpose of energy conservation inevitably leads to higher levels of indoor radon (Lee Ray , pg . 69 ) Yet despite this , no warnings have been issued about the dangers of this form of energy conservation . In fact , as Ray points out “our government has actively promoted energy-efficient homes with everything from do-it-yourself literature to tax breaks for insulating your home (Lee Ray , pg . 78

Ray ‘s three assertions-that ozone would be produced in the lower atmosphere regardless of human activity , that it is produced by the interaction of sunlight and hydrocarbons , and that those hydrocarbons are… [banner_entry_footer]

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