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Treaty of Versailles

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p The World War I was over by the end of 1918 but the further situation was far from clear . The Paris conference was arranged to design the future world order , as was previously done by the Congress of Westphalia in 1648 , the Congress of Vienna in 1815 , the Congress of Berlin in 1879 Future was unclear also because of sharp differences among leading states

The Treaty of Verailles was destined to be a core of international system for inter-war period . The involvement of the USA and China as well as establishment [banner_entry_middle]

of League of Nations made it a truly global regulator . Added by four other treaties with former allies of Germany the whole complex is known as the Versaille world order (added sometimes by the decisions of conference of Washington in 1921-22

Last months of the 1918 witnessed an active preparation for the conference by the states of Antante and the USA . It was agreed to be held in Paris , but the positions of allies were far from agreement . The very approach to the problem of the new world order varied extremely France and Great Britain were eager to restore a system of multipolar equilibrium , which meant cutting Germany ‘s ambitions and potential in such a way that it would never become a hegemon . That desire was shared by the two countries , although France was a little bit more insistant taking into account closer neighbourhood with German power

American approach was different . Wilson ‘s main task was to create such an international order that could prevent wars in general , allowing for peaceful settlement of small and large disputes . That required a qualitatively new methods . One of them seemed to be the creation of universal organization as the guarantor of international law provisions and a tool for resolving conflicts . The difference of approaches was even indicated by different opinions concerning place of conference Wilson offered one of the cities of neutral Switzerland to host peace negotiations , while Clemenceau insisted on Versailles Palace as a proper place to humiliate former German Empire

The 18 of January 1919 was the historical day when the Conference started its work . From the very beginning it was facing some rather complicated problems . In Europe in turned evident that Austro-Hungary was no longer able to remain a single state . The same was true about Russia . Thus it was no longer possible to restore a per-war system in a little bit modofoed edition . Old practice of reshuffling power among winners and losers was obsolete . Something completely new had to be installed instead

More than a dozen of new , unstable political units in Central Europe which included states and different movements ‘ was a serious challenge . From the one hand this vacuum of power had to be filled somehow but from the other there was no opportunity even to try to block the proccesses of self-determination . Thus the task was to elaborate some new principles and make new states follow them . The USA were primarily concentrted on that issue . France… [banner_entry_footer]

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