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The world is made up of wonderful masterpiece , which has its own uniqueness depending on the purpose in living . Nature as the life in general for all the living things on e earth , it ‘s the physical phenomena in this physical world that may change on their own accord the way that they exist such as the weather , matter , energy , geology and other environmental structure . Because of nature ‘s unfathomable changes some events eventually fall into places and one of them is tsunami . This event is one of the [banner_entry_middle]

nature ‘s disasters

There is a rapid displace of massive scale in the body of water were unnoticeable and definitely devastating on other words tsunami is one of nature ‘s surprises . The world tsunami comes from the world harbor in the Japanese language , this was created by the fisherman who find area that will surround their devastated harbor which result of returning to the port because of not being aware of the big waves . It had a very long wavelength about hundred kilometers long and it has a smaller wave heights or amplitude usually a hump formed in the ocean . In old times this was called tidal waves for the reason that it has a violent characteristic as it approach on land crushing the tides rather than cresting that will formulate the wind action upon the ocean (The Earth – A Living Planet , Tsunami

Causes , Characteristic and effects

When the sea floor vertically displaces and deforms the overlying water this will generate tsunamis . There are such large movements on earth like Earthquakes Mass movements Volcanic eruptions Meteorite impacts Underwater explosions

These events had records phenomena of rapidly displace the large volumes of water , when the energy falls from the debris or expansion that was transferred to the water into which the debris falls down . This will give larger amount of shock waves when this following event occurs

Tsunamis looks like a bigger than its normal wave but it looks more closely like onrushing tide that forces its way through and around the obstacle , usually the big damage is cause by the huge amount of water which is behind the initial wave front as the height of the sea continuously rising powerfully that floods into the coastal area . Its weight of water is pulverizes enough objects in the path . It reduces foundations of a building that will expose bedrock from the ground . It contains immense energy that causes high speeds that will travel great trans-oceanic distances that had overall little energy loss . The damages covers from thousands of kilometers from its origin , so there must be some hour ‘s gap from its creation to its impact . These events arrive long before the seismic wave arrives to its originating point , thus involves a series of waves that varies in heights , in the long periods of events it attracts long in open water . The actual height is less than one meter , it is very unnoticeable specially people on ships . It can reach up… [banner_entry_footer]

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