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1 . What opportunities existed for African American men that African American women were not afforded ? What opportunities do men have today that women do not

Although African American men were relegated to unskilled and service labor , they were still able get jobs . African American men were able to get work that required manual unskilled labor , such as in agricultural fields . Women (and children ) were abandoned , and they became wanderers and scavengers for food

Black men were able to get work with the railroads , in rolling and lumber mills , in mills , candy [banner_entry_middle]

factories , as cooks waiters porters , bellhops , and barroom workers in hotels , and baker ‘s assistants . There also found employment in the rebuilding of Atlanta after the war , as painters , carpenters , and brick-masons . A few were able to own small shops and work as teachers and ministers

Black women had fewer opportunities for employment . Most of the work they could get was domestic , serving as cooks , maids , and child-nurses There were also a few jobs similar to their domestic ones in local hotels . Many also worked as laundresses . Some rarer jobs the a few black women could get were as dressmakers and seamstresses . Even rarer , some were able to get jobs as teachers

Black women were also always at risk for sexual abuse from white men

Today , men and women have more equality , but they are certainly not equal in every respect . Aside from “natural inequalities ” such as pregnancy and childbirth , some women still feel that it is easier for men to get ahead , especially career-wise . Men ‘s salaries are on average higher than women ‘s , for example

Sexuality is also a problematic area in modern times . Men who are highly sexually active are deemed “manly , whereas women would be labeled “whores ” and “sluts

2 . Charlotte Brown “manipulated class , gender , and identity in quest for justice . Would you have fought the battle to form interracial cooperation between black and white women differently

Given the milieu of the time , I agree with Charlotte Hawkins Brown ‘s methods for her goal of interracial cooperation and racial equality in the United States . Brown lived with a paradigm of “the end justifies the means ” She had a good understanding of the psychology of people , and she took good advantage of psychological techniques that were effective in convincing whites to provide her with what she needed . She had courage when all she had were mental weapons , when her race was almost fully at the mercy of mostly unsympathetic whites

Instead of trying to change attitudes towards blacks by force , she gave white persons a “reputation ” that they felt they should live up to . Even her attempts to remain above the southern racial structure are justified . She held up a “fictional mirror of civility ” to whites , and the whites , liking what they saw , followed accordingly . The whites were strong and the blacks weak Brown appealed to the pride of white persons to persuade them , similar to the martial arts tactic of “using the opponent ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]

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