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Boone and Tecumseh

Popular culture and historical fiction have made Daniel Boone , the frontiersman , and Tecumseh , the Shawnee chief , into legends of the Eighteenth Century . Larger than life and surrounded by grossly exaggerated folk tales , the pair have become two of the most well-known of all American frontier heroes . However , by closely examining the facts of their lives , one can see that both were considerably different from what legend would have us to believe , though they certainly were no less great

Boone is often portrayed as an Indian-hater . Tales abound of [banner_entry_middle]

him scalping numerous natives and leading wars against his enemy , the red man ‘ However , this was not the case . Daniel Boone was much more civilized than lore would have us to believe , and his talents ranged from being a military man , to a political representative , to a frontier businessman . He was one of the leading citizens of Kentucky in his later life , and died in a position of much prestige and great respect

As well , his goals differed significantly from what many believed . One of his lifelong goals was to settle Kentucky , a land that he loved Because the Shawnees claimed this land as their own , confrontations between the white man and the red man erupted constantly , which more often than not ended in bloodshed . Though Boone did not hate Indians , he did fight and kill them while trying to accomplish his goal of settling Kentucky . He desired to negotiate truces , so that the Indians and whites might live in the same regions without waging wars upon one another though full societal integration was not his goal

Tecumseh differed from Boone in many ways , yet possessed a few similarities . Both are regarded by historians as great men , and Tecumseh gained great respect among the whites during his lifetime , which was extremely rare . A chief of the Shawnee , he , like Boone , did not hate his enemies ‘ However , his goals differed significantly . Whereas Boone wanted to settle Kentucky , and wished to ratify treaties that would allow this , Tecumseh desired to halt the white advance . Rather than whites stealing the Shawnee lands , and securing peace through treaties Tecumseh wanted a scenario in which the whites would stay in their own territory , and never settle any further into the Indian lands . This led him to be opposed to peace treaties that resulted in giving the whites more of the Indians ‘ land , such as the Treaty of Greenville and the Treaty of Fort Wayne , both of which he refused to sign . In his opposition to the white advancement , Tecumseh led the Shawnee nation in the wars along the Ohio , and surely killed many white men as he was a skilled warrior , yet it can not be said that he hated the whites . He merely wanted them to stay out of Indian territory , which is a valid argument on his part

Though Boone and Tecumseh were both great thinkers , the two differed in their definitions of progress . Boone ‘s idea included settling Kentucky and driving… [banner_entry_footer]

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