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U.S. History

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1 . Due to the rise of the second industrial revolution after the depression in 1870s , urban life was promising and appealing enough for me to pack up my bags and headed to the city to live and work . It ‘s not that I gave up on country life and forgot all about my roots . In fact my life in the farm was considered a true joy by my parents . Not only was I there physically for them , but I could not deny even for myself that my hands have also brought profit for the [banner_entry_middle]

family . I was sad for leaving , but they understood pretty well how idealism claws hard and deep on the heart of someone young . They believed in me , and that was all that matters then to leave the only place I have ever known

I was excited when I arrived in the city one Thursday morning . The sight I saw proved that there could be hope there . Everybody was doing something . The place was populated and I was having a hard time doing sightseeing and looking at my way all at once . Everyone was in a hurry as if time would leave them if they could not keep up

I found a tenement in the middle of the city . Like all the other apartments in the neighborhood , the place was in poor condition but it was all I could afford at the moment . Less than two days later , I got a job in a local furniture shop owned by a middle class middle-aged man

Mr . Smith used to design the furniture he sells but as the shop attracted more customers , especially the rich , he expanded it by hiring two assistants for the design plus three more , including myself , in addition to the five he has for the carpentry . It was the experience I had from the farm that made him hire me . My hands were strong and hard for years of fixing whatever was broken in our house and in our barn

From the first days of work , Mr . Smith already informed us of the pay we receive . It was not big , but I later learned from my co-workers that it was better than working in the factories , industries and warehouses located on the outskirts of the city

I did not plan to work for the furniture shop for long . My family back home knew about my dreams and aspirations . I said I was going to get a job first and worked it out from there . I knew I could not rely on Mr Smith ‘s pay forever . I have rent to pay , food to buy , and big plans for the future . Plans , which include a comfortable and safe house for my own family to live one day and maybe enough money to travel , buy a land of my own , and retire in the country . I also made a promise to myself that I would never allow any of my children to grow and enter into society… [banner_entry_footer]

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