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u04d2 Postmodern Scenario

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Our team ‘s position , taking root in postmodernism , relies mostly on the plyrality of approaches that we can utilize . We find that there is no one model that works best in the study of the human psyche . Some cases can be described better in terms of medical psychiatry , and others in the terms of Jungian psychology . We find that all approaches have a certain success rate , and by critically examining the history of these cases , we hope to be more effective in our treatment of adolescent depression . There are dozens of factors which [banner_entry_middle]

current psychiatry does not take into account when perusing these cases , and not the least of them is the influence of culture on the human mind . There are things within the human mind which cannot be explained rationally , but are much better understood through the language of symbols and signs . Our approach will allow to legitimately use these methods . It will also alleviate the attempts to use a rigid approach when dealing with a subject we do not understand much yet , despite all of the studies . We believe that the subject of depression needs to be examined much more before effective standards can be created , and we hope that a postmodernistic approach will allow us to see the subject from many sides

As positivists , we would like to raise the subject of ethics within such an approach . Even though it is true that science does not know enough about depression , we know enough to alleviate its symptoms Postmodernism is rather experimental : it is difficult to say just how harmful it will be to the psyche of the patients . There are certain clinical ways to relieve depression , and there so far has been no real proof that it is not caused merely by chemical imbalance which can be corrected manually , and that we are gathering more data on every day However , by placing more stress on the psyche – how experiments undoubtedly will – the scientists will almost certainly make many cases of depression more severe . Do we truly have the right to work on such experiments ? Our “rigid ” approach has since saved a number of teenagers from depression . This risks only to increase the cases of illness . While these people are playing mind games , we will be the ones saving them That should be seen as a real difference . Can the postmodern approaches which utilize “irony ” as one of its basic tenets , really be engaged in real work and be effective when it comes to matters of life and death That is a question these researches should ask themselves

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