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unexpected guest

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in biology, life sciences

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Unexpected Guest

The afternoon had turned dark and cloudy , and I could sense that rain was coming . I briefly lamented the time I had wasted washing my car but just as quickly , I realized that rain would mean I ‘d get out of yard work , and I hate yard work . It was a Saturday , and there was plenty to watch on television , so I settled onto the sofa with a bag of cookies as the first drops [banner_entry_middle]

of moisture began to fall from the sky little did I know that that storm would bring more than an afternoon of rain into my life

The rain quickly became heavy , and the drops grew thicker and larger as a wind started to pick up . As the storm increased and the wind shifted droplets of water bounced off the sliding glass door making it harder to hear the television set . Surfing the channels trying to find the perfect show , a flash of lighting ripped across the sky , and as the roll of thunder passed , the rain storm turned into a sudden downpour . I rose from the sofa and went over to the glass door . Watching as another bolt of lightning tore through the sky , I hardly noticed the thunder clap that followed as my attention was drawn to a pair of illuminated eyes that seemed to be floating in my backyard

Dropping the cookie that I held in my hand , I watched as the pair of eyes drew closer to the sliding glass door . More lightening revealed that the eyes belonged to a small , rain-soaked dog that looked a bit like a rat and was no bigger than an NFL football . As I watched the little thing make its way through the downpour , my fate and the dog ‘s were sealed when it cowered down as more thunder rumbled overhead . I threw open the sliding glass door , paying no attention to the sheeting rain that blew in . A moment later , the dripping-wet dog jumped over the threshold of the doorway , moved a few feet into the living room , and gave himself a healthy shake . Water flew everywhere , and I took a few steps back from the animal

Returning from the bathroom with a towel , I saw that the dog had located the fallen cookie and was nibbling on it . I also noticed a striking resemblance between the two , and as I reached down to take the Oreo cookie from the dog , I knew I ‘d found a name for the black and white creature that had entered my home

Scooping the wet dog up into my arms , I toweled him off while talking softly to him . When I put him back onto the ground , the once wet rat-like canine had transformed into a big ball of black and white fluff with alert eyes , a button nose , and a tongue that seemed to seek out the flesh of my face , licking… [banner_entry_footer]

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