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Unit 1 – Business Presentations

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My Leisure Pursuit A leisure pursuit or a hobby is defined as a spare time recreational activity that provides relaxation and enjoyment People pursue different hobbies that serve their interest and taste Introduction The best way I find to pass my leisure time and make it useful is by reading books This hobby seems to be like a bliss of solitude to me as when I am lost in a book time seems to fly and I feel the moments of leisure shrink Even If I am lonely reading surrounds me with the environment or [banner_entry_middle]

the scene taking place in the book I am reading , this makes my feel as If I am a part of it Reading a book of one of my favorite authors and sipping a cup of coffee is my idea of a perfect way to pass my leisure time Today is this era of speed , many people are of the view that reading has become obsolete , which is extremely wrong as they are not aware of the indirect advantages of pursuing reading as a hobby The importance of reading good books can be judged from the proverb ‘ A man without books is like a bird without wings ‘ and hence reading books cannot be called obsolete Reading is something which relaxes my mind , body and soul and at the same time it energizes me again to meet the challenges of life by providing me with new visions and horizons to ponder about At first reading was something I was interested in occasionally , and I pursued it whenever I had the time but then it turned into an obsession and today it has become so addictive that I just cannot sleep until I have read a good piece of writing

s of Discussion The books which I find interesting to read are those which are related to different areas of life such as the different phases of a human ‘s life , the ups and downs life , personal experiences of legendary people and even bedtime story books of children I am more inclined towards reading about the realities of life and stories or novels that are closely linked to real life I don ‘t find myself interested in fantasy stories or novels much such as books like lord of the rings , Harry potter etc There are is along list of authors whose books I like to read which includes Enid Blyton , Nicholas Spark , Sidney Sheldon , Nancy Drew , Audrey Howard and Dan Brown The books of all of these authors are mostly different in the subject of the content for example Nicholas Spark writes mostly on romantic s and tragic events of life , Sidney Sheldon writes mostly about mysteries and Nancy drew writes series Even though these books are different in their content but they appeal to me and they are not related to a fantasy world but contain content that relate to the life of normal human beings in complex situations The major part of my savings is… [banner_entry_footer]

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