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Unit 5 – Compensation

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Experiencing stress at work is inevitable . It has adverse psychological and physical effects on employees that may lessen their competence . Many organizations do not seem to bother the issue , thus numerous employees suffer in silence . Addressing stress-related problems is very important for both workers and companies to attain their goals efficiently . There is however no doubt that employees suffering from stress whether related to pressures from work or from home will effect business performance for example in increased absenteeism or lower productivity (Salomons , 2004 br

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is best to develop a policy that will help reduce stress at work . A stress policy will identify the problems formulate solutions , and restore the confidence and capabilities of those who are suffering . Such approach will generate awareness as to the cause and prevention of stress at the workplace

This move will make a risk assessment to pinpoint the various factors that lead to stress by examining work performance , staff attitude and behavior , relationship at work , and frequent absences . Embodied in this policy is a support program for employees such us counseling to help them cope with stress and address personal problems . It will also take into considerations harassment issues and autocratic managerial styles Recognizing stress indicators managers will have positive attitude (sense of care ) towards employees , pay attention to clear job , practice appropriate management style , and have a constructive method to stress reduction . Employees on the other hand will have the courage to talk to managers every time a problem arises seek counsel , support co-workers afflicted with stress , and use their energy to solve problems rather than worry about the situation . They will also be encouraged to spend time for relaxation and other leisure activities . In addition , there will be a quarterly evaluation of the policy , appraisal meetings , feedbacks from employees , and review of preventive measures

Contract Negotiations

Preparing for a labor contract is no easy task . That is why I will lay the groundwork three months prior to the exact date of the negotiation I will have my negotiations notebook ready which will contain comprehensive data and notes for the bargaining process . I will obtain advanced copies of the current contract along with proposals and counter proposals from the management and labor for analysis as well as study the previous contract negotiations for comparisons . Among others , I will get copies of the grievance records for the current contract , listing of management and labor negotiation team , proposed and present cost calculations of benefits , costing of current and proposed changes compensation survey , and a copy of the employee relations ordinance . The analysis of the previous negotiation and settlements will make me see better if the goals were met and if issues of both parties were addressed . I will track contract settlements by location , industry employer , union , and contract duration . Get information on number of employees covered , wage adjustments , old or new average rates of pay and benefit changes (Bureau , 2006 , par . 5

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