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us history

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US History


October 2 , 2006

Slave Conspiracy of 1741

I . Introduction

Tension had always existed between the whites and the blacks even before the slave conspiracy of 1741 . This tension was not purely racial but was also economic in nature . Most slaves in to survive offered their labor for a very small amount and engaged in the same trade as their masters . This tension was at its peak in early part of the 17th Century when there was 1 slave for every four white . As a [banner_entry_middle]

result , thousands of whites were displaced from their employment and suffered poverty . Because of the cheap services they offered , the black slaves failed in their competition against the white . Because of these tensions and the fear that someday these slaves will lead an uprising against the whites , laws were passed against them . The movements were restricted . They were severely punished for every commission of an offense , even if it was a minor infraction . They were mistreated and were given little or no rights at all

Perhaps because of the oppression they experienced , in April 1712 , two dozen slaves burned buildings in New York and used guns , axes and swords to attack those who tried to put out the blaze . The slaves killed or wounded twenty whites before the police arrested them . More than twenty slaves were tried for treason and murder . Harsh penalty was imposed against those who found guilty . They were either hanged or burned

In 1741 , the whites were weary that the 1712 event will happen again The times were hard for the whites but it was worse for the black slaves . Tension was felt such that a mere hint of unrest had the effect of creating panic among the whites for fear of slave rebellion . The slave revolt which had happened in neighboring countries such as South Carolina and Caribbean added to this tension ( New York Slave Insurrection of 1741

II . The so-called Slave Conspiracy of 1741

In Feb 1741 , there was an isolated case of burglary in New York committed by a black slave named Caesar . This case of burglary was later on connected with a series of mysterious fire that will eventually be blamed against the slaves . The first of this series of fire started in March 1741 when the house of a lieutenant governor was ravaged by fire . Initially the lieutenant declared that the cause of the fire was due to a plumber who used live coals while repairing a gutter in his house (John V . Morris ) Several days after a series of fires happened in New York . Though the cause of the fire was explained by the owners of these houses , rumors spread quickly that the slaves are plotting against them and that they want to overthrow the government

The suspicion that a conspiracy was being hatched by the slaves increased as the cases of fires grew in number . In April , a series of fires broke out once more . This time , a black man… [banner_entry_footer]

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