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uses of computers in businesses

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Personal and desktop computers have become vital office tools in businesses . These powerful machines have transformed business computing and information management by their diversity of applications . These PCs are outfitted with internal memory and disk capacity through the mechanism of the microprocessor chip , which decides the varying degrees of complexity , velocity and applicability of PCs . These PCs frequently has house disk drives during which data are stored in floppy diskettes or in magnetic tape cartridges as back-up copies for safety reasons . The basic PC would have a monitor that can [banner_entry_middle]

either be monochrome or colored and is frequently comes with a printer , either dot matrix or laser-type The PC can also be to a modem to make possible inter-PC communication , the downloading of data , and give online support when servicing clients

The majority of the business computers are either IBM PCs or compatibles . These machines their software adhere are set to a standards initially developed by IBM . There are thousands of salesperson and tens of thousands of software accessible for PC-compatible machines

Using PC-compatible computers assures a business simple access to new hardware and software products as they are frequently developed . A business must not be locked into a single brand or vendor and can always increase or swap computers and accessories as required . Since PC compatibles have become so consistent , disparity among rival brands can be delicate . However , there are differences in computing speed expandability , consistency , simplicity of repair , and rarely compatibility

To feel at ease with business technology , it helps to appreciate how it all fits together . Business systems naturally consist of four key elements that comprises of hardware , software , networks , and hardware peripherals


It ‘s all a stuff of what you want and what you want to do with it . You need to develop business in your office , handle business on the move and make sure that everybody has all the tools they require to do their jobs , wherever they may be . The computers and the technology system you form will rapidly become the backbone of your business . Uses of personal computer in business are

Information and voice communication

Business planning and Financial control

Accounting information

Marketing and Sales Presentation

Archive Storage and recovery of customer reports and business information

Online Marketing

E commerce appliance with online s and payments

Research Information on the web


After buying hardware , software is needed to make it work . All PC notebook , handheld or portable machine has an operating system . The operating system that you utilize in your PC must be compatible with your extra portable computing devices

Software is the common name given to programs used to function computers and linked devices . It is frequently separated into application software (programs that perform the work ) and system software (which starts the computer

Your Operating System and Software Needs

An operating system (OS ) is the program that administers all of the added programs in the computer . Windows XP is an example of an operating system . The extra programs… [banner_entry_footer]

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