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Victimology and Violent Propensity

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Victimology and Violent Propensity

The study Disentangling the Effects of Gender and Intimacy on Victim Precipitation in Homicide ‘ appeared in the May 1998 issue of the journal Criminology . In their study , Richard B . Felson and Steven F Messner set out to further existing research regarding the relationship between intimate partner violence as it is affected by precipitation of violence , propensity to violence , and prior acts of violence . They designed three Models of Victim Precipitation : the Gender-Partner Interaction [banner_entry_middle]

model , the Gender Interaction model , and the Gender Differences model in to propose a framework for disentangling the effects of intimacy , offender ‘s gender , and victim ‘s gender ‘ when studying intimate partner violence (p . 406

The models developed by Felson and Messner (1998 ) allowed direct and indirect study of victim precipitation . Directly , they were able to analyze victim precipitation as self-defense (i .e . a victim ‘s killing an offender while defending her /himself (p . 406 . Indirectly they were able to analyze a victim ‘s violent history as an indicator of a general propensity toward violence ‘ as well as the violent history of the offender ‘ for the same purpose (p . 406 . This is new ground : unlike the research that came before Felson and Messner (1998 the models used in their study could more specifically categorize causes of intimate partner violence based on the habits of the involved individuals

Using data from the study `Murder Cases in 33 Large Urban Counties in the United

States , 1988 (Dawson and Boland , 1993 ‘ Felson and Messner (1998 found that the evidence

supports [the use of] the Gender Differences model over the other models (p . 407 ,

. 411

While much of their research paralleled that which previously exited Felson and Messner (1998

did show that the probability of victim physical attack can be predicated simply on the basis of

the main effects of the gender of the offender and the victim (p 411

The research presented by Felson and Messner (1998 ) is relevant to Victimology as it

provides additional methodologies and research data to consider when studying the cause and

effect relationship that is inherent in intimate partner violence

Felson and Messner ‘s (1998 ) study has added to my knowledge of Victimology in the specific area of assigning relevance to prior propensity to violence . While this made perfect sense in regard to the behavior of the male partner , I had not considered the prior violence of the female partner as indicative of her reactions and actions under tense situations


Felson , R . B Messner , S . F (1998 . Disentangling the effect of gender and intimacy on victim precipitation in homicide . Criminology 36 (2 . Retrieved October 12 , 2006 , from ProQuest database

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