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`Victims of Circumstance` The affects on children of divorce and single parent homes.

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Victims of Circumstance : The effects on children of divorce and single parent homes

This describes the effects that divorce has upon children and how they react to single parent homes . It also looks at the effect that divorce has upon a family as a whole , and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each situation

There are of course many examples in America and across the world of divorces – although my [banner_entry_middle]

nephews have not experienced such a situation their cousins have , and so have 60 of their friends . And this is at the age of seven

Take for example two children whom we know , Donovan who is five , and his sister Alessandra who is three . In their lifetimes , their mother has been divorced not once but twice , from two separate men . After the sudden and final disappearance (they no longer have any contact ) of his second daddy , who had been a permanent feature in his life for eighteen months , which is a big percentage of his Donovan keeps asking his mom whether he is going to be kicked out next Alessandra can ‘t sleep at night because she is afraid that when she wakes up somebody else who is near and dear to her will be gone , and prior to the anti depressants she has been put on , was a very teary miserable child

Would their situation have been any better if there had been no divorces ? The first husband was a wife beater , and so they could not have stayed with him . But the second divorce was because of irreconcilable differences . Are there any differences which are really irreconcilable , or are we living in an age where everything is so immediate that we don ‘t have the patience to try to sort anything out Are decisions that we take done in haste , and are they given the proper consideration ? After all , why get married at all when after twelve months we are going to have differences that we can ‘t work through This sort of behaviour cannot be considered as fair to the children

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to all situations . A single parent family where children are brought up in a loving , caring environment is far better for all concerned than if they are brought up in an abusive family . Of course the difficulty that a single mother or father faces in this situation is that , if their partner was earning a salary , income is now less , and also the lack of availability of a partner to provide support when it comes to the children and indeed other problems that a family may face will be more sharply felt . A single mother or father would be well off to have supportive family and friends who can be called upon for help in this situation . But as with every decision a parent makes in any situation , it… [banner_entry_footer]

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