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Video Game Design

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Video Game Design

Video games is no doubt the widely celebrated market leading the entertainment industry for youngsters . From the basic Atari consoles with mere up and down buttons and a special plastic rifle spewing infra red bullets to Level Up internet games where you can fight opponents in the other side of the world , this violent entertainment industry is definitely not stopping from evolving into a bigger money making monster . News reports further observe that fueled by a growing portable gaming market , sales of video game software and hardware topped 10 [banner_entry_middle]

.5 billion , a six percent increased over 2004 ‘s 9 .9 billion and topping 2002 , which held the previous record of 10 .2 billion , according to The NPD Group (CNNMoney .com , 2006

The industry is not devoid of morale and ethical issues despite its support from the business sector and overwhelming support from its consumers . In fact , conferences of video game event are worldwide in scope . The Entertainment Software Association are preparing for the E3EXPO slated for next year . E3Expo remains an important event for the industry and we want to keep that sense of excitement and interest ensuring that the human and financial resources crucial to its success can be deployed productively to create an exciting new format to meet the needs of the industry . The new event ensures that there will be an effective and more efficient way for companies to get information to media , consumers , and others (ESA , 2006 ) as its leader Lowenstein promoted

With video gamers on one side , video game creators on another , the public continues to debate on the issue of social responsibility in this video game industry . Who is responsible for all the violence found in video games

Debates arise from the breadth of the studies against video games to those that could see measures that regulate the games aimed at protecting young minds who could not distinguish from real to non real These debates arise because people acknowledge the social responsibility that needs to be addressed

Social responsibility is the vanguard of the morales of a community When something is not ethical , these two words are brought up like a bell that calls people into . In the video gaming industry , where sex and violence reach both adult and juvenile minds , where gamers can spend days on end in front of a monitor play and responsibilities , something is not right

Video game designers must be socially responsible not to design games that are violent . They should not step outside market decision . There is no such thing as letting the market decide in this age of complex marketing and advertising tactics and strategies . Social and psyschological studies would prove that issues arising from violent video games must find immediate solutions from all stakeholders including designers

Not only can excessive video game playing cause behavioral and social changes in a person , but it can also result in neurological changes as well . A recent study utilized positron emission tomography in to show… [banner_entry_footer]

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