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virtue ethics withing organizations

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Virtue Ethics Within Organizations




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Introduction 3

Virtue Ethics 4

Virtue Impediments within the Organization 8

Conclusion 10

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I . Introduction

The issue of ethics in health care organizations is important for every organization . Ethics are values that define which acts are acceptable and which are not ( Shared Values in Health Care , Common Goals and Principles ) They serve as a guide or a road map which every health care professional must follow . If health care professionals no longer [banner_entry_middle]

observe and follow this road map , they get lost and they tend to forget the objectives of their noble profession . Ethics enables every health care professional to respond properly to a particular situation

Developing ethics is not the concern of the health care personnel alone but it is also the concern of every health care organization . Indeed all health care organizations must be guided by certain ethics which is usually embodied in its mission and vision . Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH ) is an example of an organization which is guided by a virtue ethics – it strives to provide the best possible health care to all its patient . It is a non-profit facility which is owned by the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation and managed by Banner health Its mission is to become a Magnet Hospital by 2008 . Magnet is considered to be the highest award a hospital organization can receive for nursing and patient care . To achieve this status it has to be able to provide the best possible attention and care to all its patient and it must be able to give its employees the desired level of job satisfaction

This seeks to analyze whether FMH is capable of achieving the status of a Magnet Hospital on its target date . I will discuss the virtues which FMH and its health care personnel must have in to achieve this mission . I will also discuss the existing conditions and policies in FMH which may serve as a hindrance in achieving its mission At the end of this I will explore the possible solutions which could help in removing the impediments to this virtue and helping FMH to further support and develop this virtue

II . Virtue Ethics within an Organization

Karen Garloch explains the reason why hospitals like FMH strive to become magnet hospital “Magnet Hospitals are magnets for nurses . And when nurses like their work , studies show , patients get better care ( What is a Magnet Hospital

Laws have been passed to reform our country ‘s health care system but there will be no major improvement in the quality of health care unless and until the ethics of the profession have been reintegrated among our health care professionals and unless health care organizations decide to strictly adhere to its own ethics . We know for a fact how expensive it is to get sick and be admitted in hospitals . Only very few people however , are receiving proper medical attention and care in hospitals Many patients and their… [banner_entry_footer]

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