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voodoo in haiti

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Voodoo in Haiti : Triumph or Tragedy

From ancient times , religion has a great influence on culture and art of a country and its ethnos . Voodoo (Vodou ) is a unique religion which has had a great impact on Haiti , its historical , political and social development , cultural traditions and values . Voodoo is considered a West African religion with millions of followers around the world . Thesis In spite of its consolidation impact on the Haitian society , Voodoo is a tragedy for Haiti preventing the country from political , social and economic growth

In Haiti , Voodoo [banner_entry_middle]

is influenced by Central African tradition and counts millions of followers . A Catholic missionary tells me that “Haiti is 80 percent Catholic , 20 percent Protestant , and 100 percent Voodoo (Jordan , 1996 ,

. 10 . Primarily , Voodoo was a strong consolidation force which helped millions of people to resist slavery and oppression and built the Republic (Segal , Weinstein , 1992 . Today , Voodoo comprises a set of basic assumptions that operate automatically to enable the Haitians to solve the problems of daily life without thinking about them . In this way , Voodoo includes both conscious and unconscious national values , ideas , attitudes and symbols that shape people ‘s thoughts (McAlister , 2002 . Voodoo music and ceremonies create a unique culture based on deep historical traditions and knowledge . Also , all of the Voodoo ‘s practices are based on healing activities which replace poor medical services and medical care in the country (Metrauz , 1989

The main threat of Voodoo is that it deals with consciousness of its followers . In contrast to other religions , Voodoo practices involve collective unconscious and pre-linguistic area of consciousness . It means that Voodoo priests (are able to ) reprogram human mind according to their own world views and needs . Zombie creation is one of the main threats affected Haiti and its political and social stability , life of thousands of people and their families . Today , Voodoo exists as an independent institution becoming an integral part of cultural and social life (Metrauz , 1989 . Also , the Duvalier dictatorships (Papa Doc 1957-1971 , and his son Baby Doc 1971-1986 ) unveiled that political leaders used Voodoo for personal gain . For instance , Papa Doc (Duvalier forced people to believe that he was a voodoo spirit which helped him to control masses . Also , he had changed the colors of the national flag to the sacred colors of Voodoo . For more than thirty years , the Voodoo societies had an enormous impact on every aspect of the culture . After the dictatorships , high rates of poverty and illiteracy has stimulated the influence of Voodoo on the Haitians and forced masses to rely on religious power and magic rituals more than on common sense . In addition , political and political forces limited by Voodoo traditions prevented Haiti from fast economic growth and social development . Today sacred societies and conspiracy of Voodoo , becomes a strong political power that shape people ‘s behavior . Voodoo is designed to add psychological value to human existence it plays a more important communications role in every day life than any another activity politics or… [banner_entry_footer]

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