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Water and Air Pollution Plan

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SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 Introduction

Many consider air and water pollution to be the bane of modern civilization . Although the argument could be made that significant strides have been made in preventing pollutants from entering the ecosystem since the beginning of the Industrial Age , modern cities remain major contributors to overall reductions in air and water quality worldwide

Although major western cities may contribute on average much less untreated air and waterborne waste and other contaminants than their third-world counterparts , they still leave much to be desired . Indeed even [banner_entry_middle]

with some of the most stringent anti-pollution laws on the globe the United States and Canada continue to pollute the air and waterways to the detriment of society , wildlife and the earth itself . The following comparison illustrates the problem in two major U .S . and Canadian cities , Denver and Toronto respectively . Both cities have significant pollution problems in similar different ways-yet both cities ‘ pollution problems have potential solutions that may ease the problem . The following explores these issues

Denver , Colorado

The state of Colorado is characterized by its high average elevation A mountainous region , the state is home to four major rivers . These rivers feed huge reservoirs that supply Denver with its drinking water Unfortunately , Denver ‘s citizens are not able to enjoy its mountain water in its untreated state because of its origin as rain and snow-rain and snow that becomes contaminated with the state ‘s air pollution (Environment Colorado , 2006

Most experts agree that the origin of the state ‘s air pollution arises from coal-powered electricity plants , oil drilling companies , industry and car emissions . When these pollutants are released into the atmosphere-including such substances as sulfur dioxide , carbon dioxide mercury , and nitrogen oxides (Natural Resources Defense Council , 2003 the result is poor air quality as well as water contamination

Toronto , Canada

Toronto ‘s problems are just as serious as Denver ‘s . However , the origin of its pressing concern arises from a very defferent source Over the last twelve years , the city has seen a tremendous population explosion . Not only has the city seen its population triple during this time , but it has seen the development of more housing and infrastructure to support the increase without added waste water treatement facilities

The problem with increased urbanization in the city arises with the increased runoff of waste water from its populated and developed areas Because the storm sewer system has not been expanded to compensate for the increased runnoff from the added roofs , gutters , streets , and lawns the contaminated water flows untreated into Toronto ‘s waterways causing significant threat to human and animal health (Rapport , 2006 . Worse in addition to this problem , Toronto faces air pollution levels that rival those found in cities like Denver (2006

HYPERLINK http /ccc .atmos .colostate .edu /climateofcolorado .php HYPERLINK http /www .environmentcolorado .org /newletters /fall06 HYPERLINK http /www .epa .gov /Region7 /programs /artd /air /acidrain /acidrn2 .htm HYPERLINK http /www .nrdc .org /air /pollution /qbushplan .asp HYPERLINK http /kmgh .iewatershed .com /index .php

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