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Wearing Seatbelts

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Why We Should Wear Seat belts

Sue Arbor

Specific Purpose : Hello , my name is Sue Arbar . It is my purpose today to persuade you as drivers , and passengers to always wear your seat belt

Central Idea : By wearing a correctly secured seat belt , you will prevent your body from ejecting in the event of an automobile accident By buckling up , the violent energy will be distributed throughout your chest , hips , and shoulders parts of the body that are more capable of absorbing the shock


I . In the movie [banner_entry_middle]

The Dear Hunter ‘ there ‘s a disturbing , and fear provoking scene . In

the prospect there are four prisoner ‘s of war that are being forced and , beaten in to

playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette

II . As the scene progresses a Vietcong soldier , the enemy , coldly places a single bullet

into the revolver ‘s chamber . He then spins it , and waits for it to stop

III . Wearing a wicked smile he shoves the gun into the hands of one of the prisoners

then jesters to the captive to place the end of the barrel to his temple . The captor

then barks out in a Vietnamese tongue , PULL THE TRIGGER

IV . As you watch the film an intense amount of anxiety attacks your psyche , and you

find yourself viewing the show through terrified fingers , not knowing when the

revolver will go off

V . After the horrific vista you ‘re left wondering how human beings can treat each other

in this manner , but then a reassuring emotion hits you , and you remember that it ‘s

only a movie (Transition : Let ‘s begin by addressing the issue of why we should wear seat belts


I . The movie was all Hollywood , but the truth of the matter is that we play Russian Roulette ‘ every time we get into a car , and ignore the effortless motion of clicking on a seat belt

A . Drivers are not betting their lives against a bullet , but are wagering their

existences against other drivers

1 . The simple fact of the matter is that human beings operate automobiles

and as human beings we are all susceptible to making errors in judgment

Let ‘s face the facts there will always be mishaps , which in a nutshell

means that there will always be a need for us to protect ourselves while


2 . We purchase vehicle insurance , and life insurance to safeguard our

families , and spend fortunes on earthquake flood , and fire coverage . But

even though we take these defensive actions many of us still won ‘t wear

a seat belt

a . To support my conjecture I present you with some facts , as Larsen

states , Sadly , statistics show that may be tough without significant

change . Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of workplace

fatalities in the United States , with 42 percent of all U .S . work

related deaths in 2003 and 2004 occurring on the road . In Utah , the

amount was higher at 44 percent (The Enterprise 2005

b . Larsen again… [banner_entry_footer]

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