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Week 4 Discussion

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The growth of marketing as a prime driver of modern business has led to the art of influencing being considered as marketing rather than a power concept . Marketing uses influence in varied ways such as through gifts appealing images , brands , manipulating sexuality , content and so on The power in this case is diffused through material rather than emotional and social pressure . However influencing has underlying assumptions of power . This includes the power to reward and coerce legal authority , referent capacity , expertise and that granted by information (French . Raven [banner_entry_middle]


Persuasion on the other hand appeals to the reason of people , influence can thus be said to be persuasive power . The exercise of influence should be towards positive goals which will lead to achieving the common good and not be coercive . This persuasive power of influence can be exercised today in many forms , some of these can be referred to as controls and others liberties . Influence through controls implies the power upon a person to grant or deny him things that he desires . On the other hand power through liberties implies gaining influence through the freedom provided to people for individual growth and development . Today people are more likely to be influenced by the power granted through liberties than controls . This can also be referred to as the power of empowerment

Empowerment has been described by Steve Ewing most aptly as , an invitation for responsible initiative (Simmerman , 1996 . It is the liberties granted to act responsibly in pursuit of common goals and objectives . More and more people today are being influenced by empowerment , however the debate of control over empowerment continues


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