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Week three discussion threads

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Leadership has percolated to the level of the individual employee due to several transformations in the work milieu and such activity has to be indulged almost daily . The causes for this situation can be attributed to a number of factors , first , altered marketplace has brought about changes , which can be addressed only by organizations that are highly adaptable , this requires employees at all levels to lead at some time or the other . Second , due to a drastic reduction in the number of managers it becomes essential for employees who are on the shop [banner_entry_middle]

floor or front office to assume the mantle of a leader . Third , the competition level is so great that products and services have to cost less , be of a superior quality and be delivered faster

The situation at home is somewhat analogous . In general , both parents go to work or there is only one parent in the household , due to the prevalence of single mothers or fathers , who dons the role of both mother and father . Children are therefore required to be more proactive most of the time . Many situations which crop up in the day to day affairs of a house will require a decision to be taken in the absence of parents . This forces children to take decisions and in this manner they acquire leadership qualities

The objectives of the Grid Organization Development , which is a structured approach to producing and executing , organized alterations in organizations . This methodology aims to bring about frankness and reciprocated faith in each other amongst employees in the workplace . It employs a standards based perspective , which consists of first , the assumption that responsiveness commences at the individual level and develops on this premise , second , the knowledge and skill of the team is dependent on the enhancement of individual awareness and assessment expertise and third , that knowledge is best acquired when teams working as a group have dedication and similar goals

It has been suggested that there exist four levels in respect of the manner in which individuals take part in organizations . The first level relates to the attachment that the individual has with the organization which envisages employment of membership and sharing in the organization with the objective of achieving aims relating to that person ‘s private life . The second level deals with creating and maintaining better and more useful liaisons where the members of the team are visibly in contact . The third level involves the harmonization of interaction between teams with the aim of accomplishing intricate tasks . The fourth level takes a holistic view of the highly competitive ambience of an organization and in which strong and sustained efforts are present to garner scarce resources which result in similar products or services . In to survive , it is essential for an organisation to be capable of adapting to its environmental

In general , in a family there are very strong bonds of belonging and every member will respond in a manner which will not only benefit the family but also… [banner_entry_footer]

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