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Weight and Diet

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Diet and Nutrition


Overweight and obesity are among the most al health related problems of our modern society . They are primarily associated with high risk for many terrible diseases , including heart attack , diabetes , etc Recently , overwhelming majority of women and increasing amount of men are forced to pay serious attention on the meals they eat , to count the calories or to keep to some diet

There is a great deal of information about dieting and following healthy nutrition-style available in contemporary mass media . There are special TV and radio [banner_entry_middle]

programs , in which medical doctors or other specialists speculate about different diets and give valuable pieces of advice . It is possible to find special magazines and other editions presenting one or another type of diets or weigh-loss programs for the general audience . Finally , there is abundance of Internet sites dedicated to the problems of obesity and overweight

As a rule , the most of the recommendations , connected with dieting and putting off weight , are quite individual and must be specifically given for any particular person , taking into consideration his /her health and psychological conditions , present life-style , marital status and so on But there are some common points and tips , which can be suggested to anyone , who is thinking about starting a new healthy nutrition and life-style

Speaking about diet , first of all , it is necessary to reduce the amount of highly caloric meals in daily ration . Primarily , those are baked and fried foods . Many diet specialists suggest sorts of bread and bakery , made from white refined wheat powder . At the same time , it is necessary to include some small amounts of household bread or graham crackers , because bread has some important rare nutrients , essential for human organism

Also , any type of fried food is considered to be dangerous and caloric Fried and fatty meals are direct contribution into fat deposits , which are drastically increasing weigh of the body . The same can be said about sweet foods , especially sugar and its products . These foodstuffs are rich with glucose , which is a perfect source of energy , but , at the same time , can be easily conversed to fat . That is why one of the easiest and most common recommendations for fatty people is to lover the consumption of sugar , sweets and chocolate

Second important suggestion is decreasing the amount of junk food Contemporary life is making us very busy and tired of our problems children , offices , schools and all the things . That is why it is a good solution in many situations to use ready meals in fast food restaurants or to prepare ready-to-cook products . At the same time , our favorite pizza , Big Mac or Whopper are simply caloric bombs . They are usually prepared on extremely dangerous fats or oils and have a lot of fat-containing ingredients , like cheese , sausages , etc

The third tip on improving nutritional habits is to avoid overeating and eating late at night . Dietologists suggest eating three-four times a day , serving a number of different meals in small portions . If… [banner_entry_footer]

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