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weight lifting

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Table of Contents

I Introduction .1

Learning Lessons . 1

II . Understanding Techniques . 1 III . Practice Points . 2

IV . Conclusion .3

Bibliography .4 Weight Training for Life

I . Introduction

Learning Lessons

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference (Aristotle

Almost everyone could benefit from lifting weights , some weight lifting proponents proclaim . Weightlifting , also known as weight or strength training , may appear to be easy . If a person doesn ‘t use proper weight training techniques , however , he /she could injure [banner_entry_middle]

him /her self Learning about , understanding the techniques and regularly practicing weight training , like forming good habits , as Aristotle said , make all the difference ‘ To gain strength , one has to . exercise their muscles against progressively greater resistance , such as lifting heavier weights . Weight lifting strengthens bones , muscles ligaments and tendons increases coordination for tasks requiring strength and gives confidence and mobility to disabled people “Weightlifting Has Multiple Benefits ” 2003 ,

. C13

II . Understanding Techniques

Downing Lander (2002 ) contend that Complex movement skills , such as weight training , are predicated on scientific principles ‘ Weight training , deemed by many to basically be a physical fitness activity embodies performance parameters based in motor learning and the study of body movement . Beginning and /or veteran weightlifters who practice or train with wrong techniques or incorrect form may not reach their goals If an individual keeps on practicing weight-training techniques the wrong way , he /she may injure him /her self and /or predispose him /her self to future injuries

Grasping proper weight-training methodology requires a basic understanding of anatomy , physiology , kinesiology , biomechanics , and exercise physiology (Downing Lander 2002 . Other factors weight trainers need to take into consideration include how much weight to use in training speed to use in training ranges of motion to use ways to train symmetrically

Practice Points

Studies support that individuals would best benefit from engaging in strength training two to three days per week . Some beginners , however ignore these time guidelines and often after lifting too much weight or lifting weights for too long a period , suffer with sore muscles and joint paint . In turn , they lose their motivation and quit (Downing Lander 2002

For youth and veterans in the pursuit of weight training to maintain motivation and persist in practicing , the following points (extracted and adapted ) from Mayo Clinic ‘s website could prove helpful

Set goals ‘ Determining and tailoring a weight training program to fit an individuals need will increase the chance he /she will each his /her goals

Breathe ‘ Making a point to exhale during the lift , as well as freely breathing during weight lifting can prevent dangerous rises in blood pressure

Seek balance ‘ Balance the work of all muscles

Lift an appropriate amount of weight ‘ Muscles should become tired after 10 to 15 repetitions

Don ‘t do too many sets of each exercise ‘ Don ‘t overdo

Don ‘t rush ‘ Taking time to lift weights in a deliberate controlled way isolates muscles targeted for workout and improves body stabilization

Rest ‘ Between workouts , give your… [banner_entry_footer]

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