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Western Civilization

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Western Civilization

Without a doubt , much of what we see and experience in the modern world now have roots dating back to the Hellenic civilization . Thus , it is not an understatement to say that ancient Greece , despite its polytheism (in mythology ) and slavery , was the cornerstone of Western civilization Government by the people (democracy , trial by jury and (eventually equality under the law were guiding principles in Greece and its colonies . The Greeks set the pace in many fields based on scientific thought or reasoning . Mathematics , geometry , physics , philosophy and biology [banner_entry_middle]

owe much to the knowledge of the ancient Greeks . In literature they developed tragedy , comedy and lyric poetry . Their ideal of aesthetics and beauty greatly influenced Western art

Furthermore , philosophy and concepts on religion flourished during the golden age the Hellenic civilization and much of what has been discussed at that time is still being debated on to this day . The philosophies of Plato , Socrates and Aristotle have been the backbone of many governments and are viewed as the guiding light of many politicians . Philosophical disputation was popular among the educated , and the contributions of the Stoics and the Epicureans to the world were great . The greatest contribution of the age was the preservation and enrichment of the Greek heritage for the use of Rome and succeeding civilizations . As Rome gradually overshadowed the Mediterranean world , the Romans learned much from the peoples they conquered , and Hellenistic civilization was absorbed rather than extinguished

In fine , the people of the Hellenic period introduced us to politics democracy , philosophy , metaphysics , literature , architecture , history entertainment and tragedy . All these terms opened the door to think farther which resulted to enrich human existence with uniqueness . With all these thoughts , Greek people truly proved that humanity is the most valuable creation in this world


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