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Western Civilization

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Western Civilization

The Hellenic civilization begins with the death of HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /alexander-the-great ” \t “_top ” Alexander the Great in HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /323-bc ” \t “_top ” 323 BC and ends with the annexation of the Greek peninsula and islands by HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /roman-republic ” \t “_top ” Rome in HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /146-bc ” \t “_top ” 146 BC . The great centres of Hellenistic culture were HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /alexandria ” \t “_top Alexandria and HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /antioch ” \t “_top ” Antioch , capitals of HYPERLINK “http /www [banner_entry_middle]

.answers .com /ptolemaic-egypt ” \t “_top ” Ptolemaic Egypt and HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /seleucid ” \t “_top Seleucid Syria respectively . Athens and her allies revolted against HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /macedon ” \t “_top ” Macedon upon hearing that Alexander had died , but was defeated within a year in the HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /lamian-war ” \t “_top Lamian War . Meanwhile , a struggle for power broke out among Alexander ‘s generals , which resulted in the break-up of his empire and the establishment of a number of new kingdoms . Macedonian control of the Greek city-states was intermittent , with a number of revolts HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /athens ” \t “_top ” Athens HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /rhodes ” \t “_top ” Rhodes HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /pergamon ” \t “_top ” Pergamum and other Greek states retained substantial independence , and joined the HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /aetolian-league ” \t “_top Aetolian League as a means of defending it . The HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /achaean-league ” \t “_top ” Achaean League , while nominally subject to the HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /ptolemaic-dynasty ” \t “_top ” Ptolemies was in effect independent , and controlled most of southern Greece HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /sparta ” \t “_top ” Sparta also remained independent , but generally refused to join any league

In HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /267-bc ” \t “_top ” 267 BC HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /ptolemy-ii-of-egypt ” \t “_top Ptolemy II persuaded the Greek cities to revolt against Macedon , in what became the HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /chremonidean-war ” \t “_top ” Chremonidean War , after the Athenian leader HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /chremonides ” \t “_top ” Chremonides . The cities were defeated and Athens lost her independence and her democratic institutions . This marked the end of Athens as a political actor although it remained the largest , wealthiest and most cultivated city in Greece . In HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /255-bc ” \t “_top 225 Macedon defeated the Egyptian fleet at HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /kos ” \t “_top ” Cos and brought the HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /aegean-sea ” \t “_top ” Aegean islands , except Rhodes , under its rule as well

If one takes a close look at the history of Hellenic period of Greece one can come to the conclusion that the period was beset with wars and revolutions -all with the aim of owning Greece . This led to… [banner_entry_footer]

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