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Western Civilization

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The Poleis Emigration Effect on Hellenic Civilization

Prior to the rule of Alexander , who we know as the Great ‘ the poleis of Greece – the powerful city-states – had been the dominant method of political organization for the region . However , following his fall , a definite emigration began to occur as many former citizens of the poleis moved on and pursued a new life elsewhere . This emigration had a profoundly adverse effect on Hellenic civilization

There were a variety of reasons for the massive emigration , including a desire on the part of many to become [banner_entry_middle]

mercenaries , as well as an overall wish to escape the low degree of civilization bing the Mediterranean . The scarce population was decreasing with each generation , and many wished to pursue opportunities under what they felt were better forms of government . Simply put , the small city-states could not compete with the post-Alexander kingdoms

This emigration weakened the poleis , leaving behind empty homes and an increasingly corrupt political structure . Most kings of the poleis allowed their citizens to have few freedoms , for it was common that when the granting of freedom occurred , the citizens would merely use it as leverage to aid the rivals of their king . However , if the kings did not grant freedom to their citizens , they would frequently emigrate . Thus the problem formed a cycle which served to increasingly worsen itself

Because Hellenic civilization had been founded upon the power of the poleis , when this power began to weaken due to emigration , so did the civilization . The outflow of talent to cities such as Antioch and Alexandria led to an eventual decline in the poleis-based Hellenic civilization , from which it never fully recovered , paving the way for Rome to enter the arena as a world empire… [banner_entry_footer]

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