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Western Civilization

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Western Civilization

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The Hebrew ‘s were among the many people that lived in the Fertile Crescent . The source that introduces us to the Hebrews is the Old Testament , The book of Genesis 14 :13 . The word Hebrew has been associated with the word Hiberu ‘ found in writing sent to Egypt by one of the small states that Egypt had left behind when it withdrew from Canaan later called Palestine in the 1300s BCE

Judaism was a monotheistic [banner_entry_middle]

religion , teaching a belief in one God . The Hebrews believed in an all-knowing , all-powerful , male God who was present everywhere . At the time , most other people worshipped many gods goddesses . A few religious leaders , like Zoroaster in Persia and the Egyptian ruler Akhenaton , believed in a powerful deity . However , their ideas did not have the world-wide influence that Hebrew beliefs did Judaism stems from the Ten Commandments given to Moses

The laws set out both religious duties toward God and rules for moral conduct toward other people . Some dealt with everyday matters such as cleanliness and food preparation . Others were criminal laws . Like Hammurabi ‘s Code . The preachers called on leaders to enforce laws with justice and mercy . Some laws were meant to protect women . The Ten Commandments , for example , made respect for mothers a basic law . They urged both personal morality and social justice , calling on the rich and powerful to protect the poor and weak . All people , they said , were equal before God . Unlike many ancient societies where the ruler was seen as a god , Jews saw their leaders as fully human and bound to obey God ‘s law

It were precisely these codes of ethics and moral values that distinguished the Hebrews from other nations of those times while Hebrews held human dignity in high regard and considered man to be the supreme creation of god , other nations still worshipped multiple gods and goddesses


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