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western civilization I

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western civilization


Judaism was an existing religion in France and Germany and several communities of Jewish religion witnessed persecution by Christian community of Europe . Judaism hails from Old Testament of Bible [Hebrew Bible or Torah] which is also called as `Symposium ‘ of writings [composition of one thousand years] . Judaism practices the law of Moses as prescribed in First five books of Old Testament . There were several crusades that were lead due to persecution of Jews in European countries . First Crusade [1096] , Second Crusade [1147] and expulsion took place in [banner_entry_middle]

13 and 14th centuries . By 17th Century , there were no jews in Europe , as most of them were either expelled or migrated to Austria and Poland and to several other countries . There existed a greater influence of Apostle Paul Christian era on the Christian community of Europe

Comparison of Religions between 1100-1700

Islam was another religion that began in Mecca in 610 CE . Muslim state was established in Spain in 750 with their invasions in Europe . Muslim armies continued and attempted to retain Spain till the time Christian military forces were aggressive until Sultan of Granada surrendered in 1492

There were severe clashes between Christian followers , muslims after the jews migration all over the world which was a great significant event that took place in 11-17 centuries . Europe continued to struggle up to 17th century with several religions incursions . Some of the other forms of Christian religion are : Western Catholicism – Western Europe Eastern Orthodoxy – Eastern Europe Christian Monasticism – in 8-12 Centuries Catharism – 12 th Century


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HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Norse_mythology http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Norse_mythology br HYPERLINK “http /www /sys ?rate 6 id 19168

language Compare and contrast religion and its influence in Europe about 1100 with those things about 1700 . What religion (s ) dominated ? How much and what kind of power did religious organizations and officials have ? Were there differences in different parts of Europe ? How do you explain the big changes that occurred

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