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Wetland and water environment

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Ecological restoration has been proven to be a very difficult and yet an extremely valuable undertaking . It is one of the major problems faced by every country in the world for it is the key to Mother Earth ‘s struggle for survival . Restoration pertains to the reestablishment and replenishment of natural wetland systems to be once more suitable for wetland creatures as their habitat . But , what wetland ecosystems are we pertaining to ? What type of wetland ecosystem do we plan to target and why ? Is it enough to establish any type [banner_entry_middle]

of wetland ecosystem and be called restoration

As stated by Lovette (et al , 2002 , Australia ‘s enthusiasm for restoring and rehabilitating rivers and streams is growing at a fair rate yet most of the time , such projects fail to produce the desired results of improvement . This is due to the fact that these projects lack planning resulting to poorly defined project objectives and rehabilitation strategies . In addition to this matter , many social and political factors rather than a lack of technical skills were often major factors influencing the success of river restoration projects

Ecologists and restorationists took these questions in account and had included them as definitions of restoration and restoration-type activities . A simple yet very nifty definition of ecological restoration included in the 1992 report Restoration of Aquatics Ecosystems by the National Research Council (NRC , defined restoration as the return of an ecosystem to a close approximation of its condition prior to disturbance

The NRC declares that the concept of restoration to be further clarified by defining many types of restoration-related activities . Creation reallocation , and enhancement are such activities that are similar to restoration , but vary in some aspect from rehabilitation of the original ecosystem to areas they once existed

Reintroduction of animals is also a major factor of restoration that must be taken in account . The mere recreation of form without the specific function is not the essence of restoration , nor is having the function in the artificial pattern without even a close similitude to the real thing . The goal of restoration is to produce a natural self-regulating ecosystem that functions perfectly with the landscape and conditions in which it occurs


To have a deeper understanding in the field of ecological restoration let us first define terms that are used in the field of ecological restoration

Creation is defined as the “construction of a wetland in an area that was not a wetland in the recent past (within the last 100-200 years ) and that is isolated from existing wetlands (i .e , not directly adjacent (Gwin , et al , 1999 . In other words , creation occurs when a wetland is placed on the landscape by some human activity on a non-wetland site (Lewis , 1989

Normally , creation of a wetland in plot of land starts by digging out upland soils to an appropriate elevation suitable for the growth of wetland species by a proper hydrological pattern

Enhancement , as defined by Gwin , et al (1999 ) is the modification of specific… [banner_entry_footer]

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