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What Acupuncture Does For People Who Suffer From Chronic Pain?

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The given method of treatment represents the great interest to me and , I think , for the majority of people , both for potential patients , and for professional medical workers first of all because it is one of ancient methods of treatment of various diseases and this treatment method is more physiologic (it has no special contra-indication , than treatment by medicines or even by homoeopathic medications . Also this method helps an organism by itself to normalize exchange processes in the struck bodies and fabrics by strengthening or decreasing of functions At the certain level [banner_entry_middle]

acupuncture prevents surgical intervention effecting on an organism of chemical preparations . Besides , I am eager to get to know about the history of origin of acupuncture , its methods and opportunity concerning to fighting against a chronic pain and illnesses , and also proofs of its efficiency and advantages before other techniques of treatment

Acupuncture has been around for a long time . It is a medical art that has flourished in China and throughout the Orient for at least 2 ,500 years . Acupuncture is one of the five major areas of therapeutics within the field of traditional Chinese medicine . It is not exclusively Chinese , though its origins are Chinese . Modern acupuncture is practiced in Japan and Korea , with very distinct and wonderful styles from each tradition . The other areas of therapeutics within Oriental medicine include herbal medicine , manual therapy – which is Tui Na – and exercise therapy , as well as dietetics . Acupuncture is also thought to decrease pain by increasing the release of chemicals that block pain , called endorphins . Many acu-points are near nerves . From a Western scientific viewpoint , acupuncture needles , when they enter the skin , stimulate peripheral nerves which send messages into the central nervous system along the spinal cord and into the brain . In the brain , various chemistry and electrical changes are evoked by acupuncture stimulus Those can include the release of endorphins , which are the body ‘s natural pain relieving substance , as well as other neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters , such as serotonin , can be associated with a host of brain changes and health benefits . From a scientific medical viewpoint acupuncture stimulates blood circulation by dilating blood vessels all over the body . It has a regulating impact on the immune system , and may also have a regulating impact on certain endocrine functions . Which is why , for instance , acupuncture is so helpful in treating menstrual diss

Acupuncture is as broad as it is ancient . It includes techniques beyond the use of needles . Historically , not only was there a selection of needles , nine to be exact , but several of those needles were never used to puncture . Acupuncture also was , and is , routinely used with moxibustion , a heat therapy . Its therapeutic repertoire has also included a bloodletting very different from that of medieval Europe , a suction stimulation now called ‘cupping ‘ massage and physical manipulation in several forms , as well as disciplines like qi gong that apply movement arts to medicine . Practitioners in different times and different cultures have thought many different things when they… [banner_entry_footer]

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