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What are ethics groups

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A . Introduction

Traditionally , the role of ethnical minorities in cultural and social history of a major society is narrated in the apparently derogatory way It means that we learn literally the history of a main nation while the role of the other ethnic groups is often underestimated . In American context it means that people are much more aware of the history of Anglo-Saxon and a shade less of Hispanic and Afro-American ethnos [banner_entry_middle]

in comparison with the contribution of small ethnic groups to the development of American society . Most often historians explain this paradox stating that the whole society is moreover developed by a title nation than by the others , which role in development of the state is sufficiently lesser

At the same time , modern researches furthermore prove that we tend to underestimate the role of small ethnic groups in civilization development : while the significance of title nation is tremendous in building of state in general , the effort of minor ethnic groups is more apparent in cultural perspective . The history of the United States serves a good prove for this thesis

The primary objective of the paper is to recognize and evaluate the outstanding role of minor nationalities based on the example of a specific ethnic group in the historical (social and cultural perspective . The contribution of such researches , as historians believe will be important in several considerable social aspects . First of all it will raise self-esteem of minor ethnics groups , who recognize their significance through time perspective . Secondly , it would brake stereotype that some nations are somehow inferior to the other . Finally it ‘s important to learn the very hardships of the nations they have endured along with their contributions that affect our daily lives . In the research paper we shall try to answer several main questions concerning the role of a specific ethnic group in all-American perspective

B . Methodological frame of a research paper : argumentation for the analysis

There ‘s a list of ethnics groups inhabiting the modern territory of the United States . Regardless the Native Americans – the aboriginal population of the territory and major Anglo-Saxon , Hispanic and Afro-Americans the rest of ethnic groups are observed as minorities It ‘s interesting to analyze the instance of an average in population American ethnic group in order to transpose the results on the other social groups . We ‘ve chosen the social history of Ukrainians living on the territory of present-day US . There are several major reasons for this choice . First of all , this ethnic group , observing Cossak (1990 ) is very representative : being a part of a Pan-European society Ukrainian example allow us to compare the received data with the rest European cultures in the US . At the same time , as a part of Slavonic culture Ukrainians have much in common with the rest of this major ethnic group in the country , i .e : Polish , Czech and the others . Finally , Ukrainians have a… [banner_entry_footer]

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