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What are some technological advancements which contributed to theatre as we know it?

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A Look into Some of the Technological Advancements that Shaped Modern Theater

In 1998 the movie Shakespeare in Love took the Oscar ‘s award for best picture . It was a movie with a title that seems not to promise much but what it lacks in hype it made up in substance

The most endearing aspect of the movie was the realistic depiction of what theater was in the Renaissance period and most importantly what theater was before the modern age

The movie will help explain why theater was such a powerful [banner_entry_middle]

communication device when radio , television and the Internet was yet a thing of the distant future . The movie was able to show its effect on the audience and the community at large . The acclaimed movie was also able to explain the influence and the spellbinding effect it has on the artists involved in the production , from the playwright down to the stage hands

There is one last thing that needs to be realized when watching Shakespeare in Love and it is something that serious students of the craft was able to identify easily but perhaps other less discerning failed to do . And this is the depiction of how a play was staged before the advent of the technological advancements that defined the modern age . This means there was no electricity at the time when Shakespeare started out as a weaver of stories and plays . There was nothing that can be seen in terms of technological breakthroughs in sound , lighting and stage design . All of these components found in the modern theater can be taken for granted by modern theater enthusiasts but it is better if one reminds himself or herself what it was like before all these inventions came to be

This study aims to contribute in the appreciation of the evolution of theater through the centuries . But most importantly this is done to help chart the future of the staging of plays , drama , comedy , opera , etc . By doing so , the people who love theater and all it represents can become some sort of watchmen safeguarding the essence of theater from the possible distortion . The possible distortion of its beauty can easily come from the source of its current status – technology . This study aims to look at some of the technological advancements and inventions that created the modern theater . It also briefly touches on the need to preserve what is intrinsically theater ‘ so to speak

Illusions and Engineering

Imagine staging a play at the time when power tools and forms of heavy equipment is still in the drawing boards of some artists and not even scientists . After that thought begins to sink in then imagine the implications in terms of trying to properly interpret fiction , a work of imagination . Simply put how can one show the audience a disappearing act or the appearing of a spirit from the abyss ? There is no way to do that unless actors learned how to become The Flash

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