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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the World Wide Web to look for information?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the World Wide Web to look for information


The Internet is one of the most important tools that we have today it enables us to communicate with each other , it gives us the possibility to have access to huge amounts of information on practically all fields of knowledge , and it simplifies many procedures that , otherwise , would be difficult and lengthy to accomplish . In to use some of the main important features of the Internet , we need to use certain tools such [banner_entry_middle]

as web browsers , FTP clients , e-mail clients and others . The most important tool is , in most cases , our web browser with which we can search for information , read news , check our bank accounts , search for and purchase books , Music CDs , and more

There has been a huge growth , on a global scale , in the use of the internet during the last years . According to Sarukkai (2002 , the World Wide Web has grown phenomenally over the last decade . Ranging from the growth of Web servers across the Web , the rapid adoption of Hyper-Text Markup Language , to the availability of information in the form of hundreds of millions of Web pages that are linked to each other the Web has changed the way in which information is accessed , how people communicate with each other and how buying /selling activities are accomplished with electronic commerce

But the fact that the growth of the internet was accompanied by an incredibly fast paced spread of the home and office PCs , created a new reality which is that practically anyone could create his /her own web page or web site , and simply write /post whatever he /she wants to write certain opinions , certain views , and , in some cases , certain false scientific , historic , medical , or news-related issues . All this made it somewhat controversial to rely on information obtained from the various web pages that are available on the Internet

Can we there specific factors that establish the correctness and the truthfulness of whatever we encounter on one of the millions of pages on the net


The most significant reality to note is that the procedure required to become a part of the World Wide Web , grew to be (and will continue to grow to be ) easier and more simple . This is because of the fact that computer systems (including the parts that are dedicated to the navigation , the search , the creation of web pages , and the retrieval of information ) became more user-friendly and the graphical interface of the various software programs created for that purpose have made the internet experience possible for virtually anyone even those who have no knowledge , whatsoever , in the field of computer or information technology

The simple structure of the World Wide Web , as it can be visualized through the use of a browser , is as simple and fast as going through a normal printed page , adding to that the possibility of word and phrase search within… [banner_entry_footer]

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