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What does it mean to be a member of a community?

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What does it mean

to be a member of a community

The concept of the community is very wide and implies a wide range of groups and subgroups of people the whole mankind to the narrowest the family . However , the community is not a synonym to the word society or a group of people . Those categories change their substance and become a community when they share the same vision and therefore get unified with specific similar actions (Wikipedia , 2006

There are very interesting emotional bonds that make different members of the [banner_entry_middle]

community to feel invisibly contacted to each and every member of the same community . I have personally been always inspired by the non-verbal communication means between the community members which cannot be always explained very often communication and cohesion exist even if the members do not speak the same language , do not come from the same culture and do not share the same land and the history

My vision of the community is a community of development in an environment of mutual understanding and helping hands . And my contribution in this environment is derived from the same vision . I am open to share my skills and values with the people who surround me

For me the collage community is a new experience . It is diverse and colorful . Here I face new challenges in terms of establishing my own self , assessing the overall culture of the community . Currently I am in search of finding a sub-community that meet my interests and vision which will help me develop my socialization and communication skills within a specific environment

The collage years are very important in the personal development . I am sure that some of my personal key configurations will acquire more designated shape within the collage community . A healthy and inspiring environment is even more important for a good quality education . That is why each generation in the collage should make a precious contribution and serve as a valuable example for the freshmen . For many of us this is the first attempt to be one of the actors in developing social binds in this level


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