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what i believe in

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in biology, life sciences

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The Wonderful Things One Learns Accidentally

I am six years old , and my mom is dropping me off at Jennifer Bean ‘s house . Jennifer and I are friends , and it ‘s her birthday . I remember ringing the doorbell as the excitement I felt over the day coursed through me . The party , the dress I wore , the carefully wrapped present I had picked out – each of these small things joined together to make my heart pound in excitement [banner_entry_middle]

and anticipation . As the door opened and Mrs Bean appeared , I looked up and prepared to offer her the birthday gift I held along with a pleasant greeting (My mother had reviewed this procedure with me before we left the house and again as we exited the car , and even though I had done this kind of thing before , I wanted my mother to be proud of me as I introduced her to Mrs . Bean ) I looked up and extended the arm that held my gift , but as I looked Mrs . Bean squarely in the eye , I saw something there I did not understand

That I am the product of a biracial relationship is not something I understood that afternoon on the Bean ‘s doorstep , nor had I yet identified the look I saw on Mrs . Bean ‘s face for the subtle form of racism that it was . Looking back , I can recall clearly the awkward visual exchange that passed between my mother and Mrs . Bean , and I can also see myself standing on that porch for an elongated moment of time as Mrs . Bean struggled to recover from the shock that she had unwittingly allowed to cross her face as my mother pretended not to have noticed

I don ‘t recall just when I understood that my being half black and half white made me biracial ‘ nor can I pinpoint the moment that I understood what racism was or how it felt to have it directed at me , but I do know that that moment on the Bean ‘s porch has always stuck with me Fortunately , it did not make me bitter or hateful instead , it made me extremely sensitive to the ways in which my actions – no matter how subtle – can affect the people around me

It is no longer uncommon to meet people who are involved in biracial relationships , and more and more , children are being born who are wonderful combinations of ethnicities . I think this is the key to the end of racism and hate : because it was normal ‘ for me to see white ‘ when I looked at one parent and black ‘ when I looked at the other , I had the advantage of going out into the world appreciating and feeling a part of both races . Think about it : if of us were the products of only one race , how could we hate based on something as arbitrary as skin color

I have recently experienced… [banner_entry_footer]

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