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What is `good` writing

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Good Writing

One ‘s view of good ‘ is subjective . The concept of good writing should universally be writing that delivers a concise point while entertaining and inspiring the reader , without causing undue confusion . Often fiction readers develop a great desire to absorb all the works of their favorite author . Whether they desire a white-knuckle suspenseful gaunt into the seedy world of serial killers , or a chic-lit , heart warming cry-fest something keeps them coming back for more

Good authors , be they fiction or non-fiction , have the it factor . Something , often intangible seems imbedded [banner_entry_middle]

in prose or delivery that entices the reader into the author ‘s realm of yarn weaving

One example that comes to mind is Dean Koontz . He is a suspense writer that often blends genres and has the ability to grab a reader by the nose hairs and keep them up late into the wee hours , because avid fans can ‘t resist turning just one more page

Koontz has a combination of graphic woven into bucolic prose , interspersed with realistic dialogue . His dialogue is precise and firmly distinguishes one character from the next . He creates dynamic characters with many levels that he gives the reader a glimpse of through the aid of perfectly placed flashbacks . Fear subtly creeps in as situations are alluded to without exact divulging . A person ‘s own imagination can be the thing that scares them to death

Good writing is writing that may inspire an individual to achieve greatness . It may invoke concern or interest in a cause and motivate readers to action instead of passivity . Writing that earns the good label should be fodder for water-cooler conversations , and often is People seem to overlook the fact that our favorite television shows and movies were all written , everything from news copy to scripts were created and spewed on to computer screens and reams of white , all from the minds of good

Good writing can take a person outside themselves , even for just a moment . Getting lost in an article or story can often be the best escape . Assuming grammar is handled properly from students to Hollywood hitters , good are ones with a pied pier voice that subliminally punches out to be heard . We as consumers are always abundantly eager to consume… [banner_entry_footer]

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