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p When a youth reaches the age of 18 , he leaves the system of foster care a process which is called emancipation ‘ by the Dependency system Upon reaching the age of 18 , the emancipated youth receives no official support from the state although some develop relationships with their foster parents who support them . But some are not so lucky . In a study conducted by Richard Barth in 1986 among 55 former emancipated youths in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento , he found out that the group struggled and faced a lot of [banner_entry_middle]

problems like poor health and education criminal behaviour and housing problems

Embracing the life of independence more often than not results in problems for the emancipated youth since the emancipated youth is kicked out of the system too early he or she is inadequately prepared to face life after foster care . The emancipated youth faces the problem of finding decent employment because of lack employment skills . Most of the emancipated youth from foster care lack the necessary skills in to find decent jobs . For instance , many of these emancipated youths have poor hygiene , grooming and communication skills . Among the factors as to why emancipated youths face the problem of finding employment is their lack of education . On the instances when they do go to college , many of them lack the necessary understanding of the system and the things they had to deal with while in college

Since these emancipated youths can not find decent jobs to augment their source of income , many of them are experiencing extreme financial hardships . Many of them are finding it hard to buy food or pay their bills which in turn lead these youths to look for illegal means in to get by everyday . They either steal money to buy food or get involved prostitution or selling drugs just so they can obtain their basic necessities

In another study conducted , Barth found that many of these emancipated youths suffer from various maladies such as headaches , sexual and hearing problems , and alcohol and drug abuse . These illnesses are often left untreated because only a few of these emancipated youths obtain treatment . This is because these emancipated youths lack medical coverage . Thus , instead of seeking and obtaining treatment for the maladies they are experiencing , many of these youths would rather disregard such maladies in the belief that the have other necessities to attend to . Attention must also be directed at emancipated youths who are suffering from crises in intervention , depression suicide , and alcohol and drug dependency

Because these emancipated youths do not have role models and mentors to guide and watch over them , many of them eventually get involved in illegal activities , not just because they are forced to by circumstances but because they lack the intervention and guidance from such persons While other youths of their age have parents and guardians who still oversees their mode of living , emancipated youths from foster care are left to look after their own selves , leaving… [banner_entry_footer]



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